10 HDR Photographers Worth Watching


Do you need a twist on your photographic inspiration? Check out the following HDR photographers. The techniques they use to create surrealistic images combine multiple exposures to capture a wider range of value and color. The HDR effect.

Since most HDR photography is used to achieve difficult exposures with wider dynamic ranges, the subject matter of the art tends to be architectural or landscape in nature; however, there are many different forms of abstract HDR photographers. These photographers are setting the standard for stylized HDR work and are worth studying. Most of their portfolios are extensive, so check them out and let us know which photographers inspire you.

Alan Fullmer Photography

Alan Fullmer has an inspiring collection of HDR and other photographs of mostly buildings, bridges, and landscapes. While he is still new to HDR, Alan’s talent is already top-notch.

Alan Fullmer Photography hdr photography

Giloramo Photography

Wow! This photographer’s portfolio of HDR photos will tempt you to spend more than a few minutes on his site. Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, architecture, docks, and much more provide an inspiration for anyone, whether or not photography is your forte.

Giloramo Photography hdr photography

Chuck Robinson Photography

Check out Chuck Robinson’s site for beautiful examples of black and white photos, HDR photos, and photographs of amazing locations. New York, Charleston, Cape May, and the Smokies are just a few of the amazing places that Robinson has visited and photographed.

Chuck Robinson Photography hdr photography

Albert Knutsson Photography

Albert Knutsson is an amateur photographer from Sweden with an eye for capturing subjects beautifully, and many in an unusual composition using HDR, unique angles, and other photography techniques. He is definitely worth following as he adds to his beautiful collection of photographs.

Albert Knutsson Photography hdr photography

John E Adams Photography

Photography has been John Adams’ passion since he was 13 years old, and now his photos definitely show this experience. Much of his collection include boats, bikes, and cars; in 2009 V-Twin and EasyRiders magazines invited Adams to be their featured motorcyclist artist.

John E Adams Photography hdr photography

Matty Wolin Photography

Matty Wolin’s blog is aptly named ShutterRunner. His photography career began when he decided to bring a camera along to a marathon he was a part of one year. He had so much fun that he continued photographing landscapes and even dove into portraits. His work is quite stunning and definitely worth checking out.

Matty Wolin Photography hdr photography

Murphyz Photography

With a varied range of subjects and all equally well-shot, Michael Murphy has a beautiful collection of photos, mostly done with the HDR technique. Many of his shots are of urban places and people which show his eye for creating beauty out of ordinary or decaying subjects, but he does have a few photos of landscapes such as the one shown above.

Murphyz Photography hdr photography

Tim Clarke Photography

As a graphic designer as well as photographer, Tim Clarke’s eye for beautiful graphics is obvious. He has been photography since the 80’s, but only recently started dabbling in HDR. His HDR photos do not show it, though, as all are excellently done!

Tim Clarke Photography hdr photography

Warne Riker Photography

Warne Riker has an incredible portfolio full of portraits, action photographs, black and white images, HDR, and much more. His HDR photos have a certain "glow" that many photographers are unable to capture in their own HDR work. Brilliant!

Warne Riker Photography hdr photography

Malcolm MacGregor Photography

Malcolm MacGregor’s blog is definitely one to keep up with, as his photos are incredible and his descriptions and stories behind each are so engaging to read. Many of his photos in his portfolio are of landscapes and portraits, along with a few different subjects such as the bridge photo shown above.

Malcolm MacGregor Photography hdr photography

Frank Grace Photography

A photographer from Acushnet, MA, Frank Grace has quite the assortment of gorgeous photos in his portfolio. Some of his subjects include HDR, old cemeteries, light painting, photomanipulation, American theaters, and much more. If you are looking for a photographer with a fresh range of subjects, Grace is one you should definitely add to your list.

Frank Grace Photography hdr photography

Michael Lewis Glover Photography

Michael Lewis Glover has been a photographer since he was given his first Santa Clause black and white camera as a child. His experience shines through in his photographs of nature, landscapes, automobiles, and HDR images.

Michael Lewis Glover Photography hdr photography

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