20 Inspiring Examples of Sketching in Icon Design


Sketching plays a vital role in the design process. In fact, the best UI designers prefer dedicating a significant amount of time to sketching with a pencil before transitioning to more sophisticated digital tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

When it comes to designing icons, sketching remains an indispensable tool in the designer’s arsenal. To inspire you, we have curated a collection of the most impressive examples of icon sketching from designers across the web.

Don’t hesitate to peruse this collection and let your creativity run wild as you sketch your ideas. Enjoy the process, and happy sketching!

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Mobile App Icon Sketch Andrey Maxim

Mobile App Icon Sketch

MWood Logo Sketch Antonio Calvino

MWood Logo Sketch

Substrate Sketches Benjamin Oberemok

Substrate Sketches

Mobingi Sketching Phase Ramotion

Mobingi Sketching Phase

Sketching Rates Net logo Tony Bar

Sketching Rates Net logo

Brick City Pets Sketch Stevan Rodic

Brick City Pets Sketch

Icon Sketching Trevor Nielsen

Icon Sketching

Map on Hover Sketch Eddie Lobanovskiy

Map on Hover Sketch

iPhone App Icon Sketches Ramotion

iPhone App Icon Sketches

Cornerstone Sketches v1 Mike Rhode

Cornerstone Sketches v1

Vintage Camera Sketches Creative Mints

Vintage Camera Sketches

Postbox Pencil Sketches Mike Rohde

Postbox Pencil Sketches

App Store Icon Sketch Artua

App Store Icon Sketch

GoodNotes Icon in Process Eddie Lobanovskiy

GoodNotes Icon in Process

Mac App Icon Sketches Ramotion

Mac App Icon Sketches

Video Editor Icon Sketch Eddie Lobanovskiy

Video Editor Icon Sketch

iOS App Icons Sketches Jackie Tran

iOS App Icons Sketches

Cogsy Icon Sketches Loggia

Cogsy Icon Sketches

Icon Ideas Sketches Jackie Tran

Icon Ideas Sketches

Mobile App Icon Sketches Creative Mints

Mobile App Icon Sketches

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