Inspirational Examples of Icon Sketching

Sketching is an important part of the design process. In fact, even the greatest designers prefer spending a good deal of time with the pencil, before heading to Photoshop or Illustrator.

And when it comes to designing icons, the story is no different. Today, we have put together some of the best and most inspiring examples of icon sketching from all across the web. So go ahead, browse through the collection, and have a great time sketching your ideas!

Icon Sketches By Jackie Tran

 design icon pencil

Sketch By Andrey Maxim

 design icon pencil

Map on Hover By Eddie Lobanovskiy

Map on Hover design icon pencil

iPhone App Icon Sketches By Ramotion

iPhone App design icon pencil

Cornerstone Sketches By Mike Rohde

Cornerstone design icon pencil

Vintage Camera Icons By Mike from Creative Mints

Vintage Camera Icons design icon pencil

Postbox Pencil Sketches By Mike Rohde

Postbox design icon pencil

App Store Icon Sketches By Artua Design Agency

 design icon pencil

Initial Icon Sketches By Edgar Vargas

App Store design icon pencil

GoodNotes Icon in Process By Eddie Lobanovskiy

GoodNotes design icon pencil

Mac App Icon Sketches By Ramotion

Mac App design icon pencil

Video Editor Icon By Eddie Lobanovskiy

Video Editor design icon pencil

iOS App Icons Sketches By Jackie Tran

iOS App design icon pencil

Sketches By Loggia

 design icon pencil

Icons Sketches By Jackie Tran

 design icon pencil

Icon Set Sketch By Mike from Creative Mints

 design icon pencil

Sketch For Application Icon By Nick Zhukov

Application design icon pencil

iOS App Icon Design Process By Eddie Lobanovskiy


  • Guest

    wow Perfect

  • OMG Jackie Tran draws like me O_o

  • Tim

    It is refreshing to actually see designers sketching again. There was a period within the last 10 years where I’d see designers (mostly younger ones just out of college) jumping right into Photoshop or Illustrator without taking time to think about what they needed to do beforehand.

  • Great to see some old fashion scribbling going on. :)