20 Highly Creative Contact Form Designs for Inspiration


In this post, we’ve collected a bunch of creative contact forms for your inspiration that forms design above and beyond the norm.

Out-of-the-box, a typical contact form is just a bunch of empty and dull boxes, with a generic submit button. Nothing special there, then. But with just the right amount of styling and design innovation, you can transform a form into something truly enticing and attention-grabbing. Check these out…

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Contact Page By Café Evoke

the inspirationally designed Contact Page from Café Evoke

Bold Contact Page By Mixd

the original design  Bold Contact Page from Mixd

Signup Form By Involvio Orientation

the inspirationally designed Signup Form from Involvio Orientation

Sliding Contact Page By Whoa Nelly Catering

the original design Sliding Contact Page from Whoa Nelly Catering

Submission Form By Dear Mum

the inspirationally designed Submission Form from Dear Mum

Clean Contact Page By Mud

the original design Clean Contact Page from Mud

Minimal Contact Form By Eduardo Nunes

the inspirationally designed Minimal Contact Form from Eduardo Nunes

Dark Minimal Contact Form By group94

the original design Dark Minimal Contact Form from group94

Clean Contact Form By Littlelines

the inspirationally designed Clean Contact Form from Littlelines

Contact Form By Mostly Serious

the original design Contact Form from Mostly Serious

Bold Contact Form By Denise Chandler

the inspirationally designed Bold Contact Form from Denise Chandler

Clean Contact Form By Grain & Mortar

the original design Clean Contact Form from Grain & Mortar

Signup Form By Solo

the inspirationally designed Signup Form from Solo

Minimal Contact Form By Cobble Hill

the original design Minimal Contact Form from Cobble Hill

Innovative Submission Form By Simple as Milk

the inspirationally designed Innovative Submission Form from Simple as Milk

Textured Contact Form By Jarad Johnson

the original design Textured Contact Form from Jarad Johnson

Drop In Contact Form By Online Department

the inspirationally designed Drop In Contact Form from Online Department

Minimal & Bold Contact Form By Ola Kvernberg

the original design Minimal & Bold Contact Form from Ola Kvernberg

Sign Up Modal Form By Dropbox – DBX

the inspirationally designed Sign Up Modal Form from Dropbox - DBX

Illustrated Contact Form By Wing Cheng

the original design Illustrated Contact Form from Wing Cheng

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