Free Ebook: Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014

Mobile applications today attempt to utilize a greater range of functionalities to incorporate an increasingly greater amount of information. With such a relatively small user interface screen to work with (as compared to a laptop or other computer screen), mobile app designers must decide which design patterns they will use to create the most intuitive UI without sacrificing major app functionality.

So which design patterns should you use for your next killer app? What specific UI patterns make for a clean and intuitive mobile UI? What design patterns did other successful companies utilize in their mobile applications?

UXPin’s newest free ebook: Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014. A Deeper Look at the Hottest Apps Today provides an in-depth look at the mobile UI design patterns and elements used by the most forward-thinking mobile application companies of today.

Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014. A Deeper Look at the Hottest Apps Today

By understanding the UI design patterns of companies such as Uber, Pinterest, Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat through this free ebook, you will become much better equipped to design a mobile application as lean and competitive as the mobile application powerhouses that abound today.

Mobile UI Design Patterns 2014: A Deeper Look at the Hottest Apps Today is one of UXPin’s many free ebooks.

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