Top 10 News & Broadcast Premiere Pro Templates in 2024


In today’s fast-paced news and broadcast industry, video production quality can make or break a story’s impact. With viewers expecting high-quality visuals, the pressure is on production teams to deliver top-notch content consistently.

This is where Premiere Pro and its versatile templates come into play. These templates serve as invaluable resources to videographers, simplifying and enhancing the video production process. They are not just a shortcut; they’re a smart way to maintain quality while meeting tight deadlines.

This curated collection dives into the top news and broadcast Premiere Pro templates currently available. We’ll share the cream of the crop of templates, highlighting how they meet the specific needs of this fast-moving industry.

If you’re looking for broadcast packages for After Effects, you will find them here.

The Best News & Broadcast Premiere Pro Templates

1. Professional News Intro Premiere Pro Template

This video template stands out with its high-quality build and ease of use. It’s as simple as inserting your images or videos, tweaking the text, adding your chosen audio, and you’re good to go!

Enjoy crisp, clear visuals with Full HD resolution (1920×1080) and smooth playback at 25 FPS. This Premiere Pro template has been designed with versatility in mind, featuring nine unique scenes, seven image slots, and 29 text placeholders. It’s ideal for current event YouTubers, giving their videos a professional and engaging edge.

Professional News Intro Premiere Pro Template

2. 4K Playful News Premiere Pro Templates

This broadcast design template features four unique transitions, all with a modern and minimalistic style. It’s designed for ease of use, allowing you to quickly add your media and edit the text placeholders. It’s available in stunning 4K quality, ensuring your transitions look crisp and engaging. Perfect for creating a professional look in your news videos.

Playful News Premiere Pro Templates

3. Breaking News Package for Premiere Pro

This news package has been crafted with crisp, professional-grade graphics, perfect for high-resolution videos, and dynamic animations that will quickly grab viewers’ attention. A step-by-step guide has been included, so whether you’re a seasoned editor or just starting with Premiere Pro, you will be up and running in no time.

Breaking News Package for Premiere Pro

4. Broadcast News Channel Pack for Premiere Pro

This Premiere Pro broadcast package stands out with its high-quality design and well-organized layout, making customization straightforward. It’s especially great for beginners, allowing you to create a fresh look for your channel effortlessly. The template’s modular structure means you can use any part of the project as needed.

Broadcast News Channel Pack for Premiere Pro

5. Modern Breaking News Premiere Pro Templates

This breaking news package offers five distinct, high-quality scenes. They’re designed in Full HD (1920×1080 resolution), ensuring your news segments look sharp and professional. This template will help you quickly produce consistent, top-quality news pieces, which is crucial when dealing with breaking news scenarios.

Modern Breaking News Premiere Pro Templates

6. Market News Mogrt Pack for Premiere Pro

This MOGRT news package is a comprehensive Premiere Pro toolkit that includes transitions, openers, lower thirds, double screens, as well as specialized elements for weather forecasts and stock reports. It also features both horizontal and vertical charts. Each component has been designed for easy customization, allowing you to resize and recolor to fit your specific needs seamlessly.

Market News Mogrt Pack for Premiere Pro

7. 4K Breaking News Intro &Opener Templates

Breaking News brings a modern touch to your Premiere Pro projects with its clean design and creative transitions. It comes with 15 text and 12 media placeholders, offering ample space for your creative content. This 4K template is perfect for crafting compelling introductions to breaking news videos, covering everything from sporting events to weather reports.

Breaking News Intro & Opener Templates Premiere Pro

8. News Broadcast Package for Premiere Pro

This news broadcast package includes placeholders for logos, photos, videos, and text and color controls that allow for complete customization. Enjoy full HD quality and fast rendering. This versatile Premiere Pro package is perfect for enhancing all types of TV broadcasts and online streaming, ensuring a clean and professional look every time.

News Broadcast Package for Premiere Pro

9. Modern News Tickers Premiere Pro Templates

This news ticker template offers a simple yet effective solution for adding a scrolling text feature, often used for breaking news or live updates. It is ideal for news broadcasts, sporting events, timely updates, and other current event-related projects. This template truly enhances your video’s informational value. Its versatility makes it suitable for various formats and themes.

Modern News Tickers Premiere Pro Templates

10. News Video & Text Overlay Premiere Pro Templates

This collection of Premiere Pro overlay templates includes nine unique designs, video and text overlays, resizable shapes, and Color Controls. An overlay template is a pre-designed graphic layer that can be added to your video footage. These templates serve various purposes and can significantly enhance your video content’s visual appeal and informational value. Perfect for both TV and online news.

News Video & Text Overlay Premiere Pro Templates

The Benefits of Broadcast Packages

Using news and broadcast Premiere Pro templates comes with several benefits that make life much easier for video editors and producers.

  1. Speeds Up the Editing Process: Time is always tight in news production. Templates come in handy because they have pre-set designs and animations. This means less time is spent on creating graphics from scratch, and more time can be devoted to perfecting the story.
  2. Consistency Across Broadcasts: When you’re sharing news, you want your audience to recognize your style. Templates help maintain a consistent look and feel in all your videos, which is great for building your brand and making your content instantly recognizable.
  3. Professional Quality: These templates are designed by professionals, so they look sharp and polished. This professional touch will make your news segments stand out and keep your viewers engaged.
  4. Easy Customization: Even though templates provide a starting point, they’re also super flexible. You can tweak colors, fonts, and other elements to match your channel’s style or a particular story’s mood.
  5. Saves Money: Hiring a full-time graphic designer can be costly, especially for smaller news outlets. With templates, you get access to high-quality graphics without the hefty price tag.
  6. Ideal for All Skill Levels: They provide an easier way for less experienced editors to produce high-quality content while still offering plenty of customization for the pros.

Premiere Pro Broadcast Package FAQs

  • What Are Premiere Pro Templates and Why Are They Useful for News Production?
    They are pre-designed graphics and layout packages used in video editing. They’re super useful in news production because they speed up the editing process and ensure your broadcasts look polished and consistent.
  • Can Someone New to Premiere Pro Use These Templates Effectively?
    These templates are designed to be user-friendly. While a basic understanding of Premiere Pro is helpful, even beginners can learn to use these templates effectively with a bit of practice.
  • How Customizable Are News Broadcast Templates in Premiere Pro?
    One of the best parts about these templates is their flexibility. You can tweak colors, fonts, and layouts to suit your specific news story or branding. This means you can keep your content fresh and unique while maintaining a professional look.
  • Do I Need Extra Plugins or Software to Use These Templates?
    Most of the time, no. These templates are generally designed to work within Premiere Pro without needing extra plugins or software. However, always check the template requirements just to be sure.
  • How Do Premiere Pro Templates Impact the Overall Quality of News Production?
    Using these templates can significantly raise the production value of your news segments. They provide a professional and polished look, which is crucial in maintaining credibility and viewer engagement in the competitive field of news broadcasting.


Premiere Pro templates are a vital component in the toolkit of any news and broadcast professional. They bring efficiency, consistency, and a professional sheen to video production, which is essential in an industry where quality and speed are paramount.

From saving precious editing time to providing a wide array of design options, these templates are a vital asset in creating compelling news content.

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