Our 50 Favorite Web Designs from 2011


Below are 50 (non-ranked) of our favorite web designs from 2013. These sites were chosen based on our appreciation of their design choices, innovation, and because they had that wow factor that made us simply like them.

Some of the best and brightest trends we’ve seen this year in web design include responsive web design, single-page scrolling websites, the proliferation of slide shows and sliders, the spread of font replacement, and parallax scrolling.

Some of these new trends may be passing fads, but others are likely to represent lasting shifts in the world of web design. As websites like Dribbble allow web designers to showcase and share ideas, web design is beginning to develop more and more quickly.

Every website is different, but most websites that are good are beginning to share a number of these features of cutting-edge web design.

Martin Gauer


App Galaxy

The Wired Mind

The Kennedys


Leaders The Conference


Column Five Media

The Manual

Deep Time

Union Station

Pub Design


Absolutely Live

Idea Exhibit

Peter Jaworowski

Alexander Zhestkov

McCormack & Morrison

Imaginista Branding


TM Design

Sullivan NYC

Dentsu Network

Paolo Cavanna


Mark Boulton Design


Daniel James Diggle

Gesture Theory



Kurylowicz & Associates

This is Tommy

Outside The Wire

Jon Phillips’s Blog

Elliot Jay Stocks

The Mavenist

The Lit Pub

Bit Byte Bit

Me We Work And Play

Kenneth Cachia

Francesco Mugnai

Studio Antwork


I Am Not an Artist

Story Matters



Barnt & Arnst

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