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These days, there are lots of companies offering managed WordPress hosting. Most offer the basics such as daily backups, enhanced security and fine-tuned performance designed for the needs of WordPress. So the feature that is really going to make your life easier is service and support. That’s a characteristic of a well-run company with a focus on its customers. That’s where Pagely stands out.

For over seven years now, Pagely has been committed to not just being a technically advanced hosting provider, but one that also brings that same level of commitment to the people they work with. They value their personal relationships both with each other and with customers.

You see, Pagely is not your ordinary startup. Their employees aren’t saddled with the pressure of pleasing venture capitalists or shareholders. Instead, they come to work each day constantly looking to improve a product they love (after all, they built it). It’s that focus on their product and customers that make Pagely different.

The Pagely Team

Always There When You Need Them

So often, accessing support on the web means filling out a ticket and waiting – sometimes for hours or more – just to receive a canned response. The Pagely team monitors their service 24/7 and is available for live, friendly support anytime. That means they’re working when you are and can provide the help you need on your schedule.

Plus, you’ll be interacting with real WordPress experts. These folks both use and deeply understand the world’s most popular CMS. They know how to get the most out of it and are happy to help you achieve optimal performance, security and stability.

Listening to Clients, Creating Real Solutions

Pagely has an interest in supporting their clients’ vision and helping them reach their goals. Over the years, they’ve listened to their clients and have developed solutions based on their needs.

One such solution is Pagely PULSAR™, designed specifically to support the scale, security and traffic needs of the world’s largest brands. It’s the most powerful and comprehensive managed WordPress solution to date. PULSAR™ will ensure that your hosting is ready to handle your company’s growth and its resulting demands on your website.

Pagely’s Managed WordPress hosting stack is built upon Amazon Web Services. This means that they have the ability to scale up their resources and provide you with unparalleled performance. Your site will be able to withstand massive amounts of traffic without taking a performance hit. And, your data can be stored at any of Amazon’s 11 data centers to ensure close proximity to your customers.

And, when we mention the “world’s largest brands”, we’re talking about companies like Comcast, Disney, Virgin Atlantic and VISA – they all put their trust in Pagely.

Pagely Premium WordPress Hosting Solutions

Experience the Pagely Difference

The quality and performance of your web host is crucial and shouldn’t be compromised. It’s not enough to simply go with a company who claims to have great equipment. You want to be associated with a company that’s going to treat you right and take the time to put your needs first.

That’s exactly what Pagely does and it’s why they’re different from the rest. Learn more about Pagely’s managed WordPress hosting solutions and see how they can benefit your business.

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