40 Plugins, Addons & Components for the Bootstrap Framework


Bootstrap is already pre-packaged with a vast selection of useful tools, extensions and components, and is more than enough to kick-start most web design or web application projects.

But there will be times when the bundled components are not enough for your needs. That is where this article comes in. We have a collection of plugins, addons, and components that will allow you to extend Bootstrap further.

Rather than group the extensions and components into relevant categories, as we usually would, we have instead opted to create an A-Z listing, which should make it much easier for you to find the particular addon you are looking for.

Everything you could need is included below, from buttons, breadcrumbs, and calendars, to tree menus, video players, and WYSIWYG editors.


Accessibility Plugin – This plugin adds accessibility mark-up to the default components of Bootstrap. Components include Alert, Tooltip, Popover, Modal Dialog, Dropdown Menu, Tab Panel, Collapse, and Carousel.


Bootstrap-Breadcrumb – A Bootstrap JavaScript plugin that allows you to programmatically manipulate breadcrumb navigation.


Bootstrap-Calendar – A Full view calendar based on Bootstrap.
Full view calendar addon Twitter Bootstrap


Bootstrap Modal Carousel – A collection of plugins for displaying a carousel in fullscreen modal window.
collection plugins displaying carousel fullscreen modal window extending Bootstrap

Color Picker

Simple Color Picker – A very simple and lightweight (200 lines of JavaScript and 100 lines of CSS) jQuery color picker for Bootstrap.
simple lightweight jQuery color picker Bootstrap


Bootstrap Combobox – A combobox plugin that integrates well with Bootstrap.
combobox plugin integrates extension addon Bootstrap

Contact Form

Bootstrap-Contact – A simple PHP contact form using Bootstrap and the jQuery validation plugin.

jQuery Gridform – A jQuery plugin for creating complex table-based forms with Bootstrap.
jQuery plugin creating complex table based forms addon Bootstrap


Datepicker – A plugin for adding a date picker field to any element.
plugin adding datepicker field element addon

Date Range Picker – This date range picker component creates a drop-down from which you can select a range of dates.
date range picker component creates drop-down select range dates Extending Bootstrap

ClockPicker – A unique clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap.
unique clock style timepicker Bootstrap

Dialog Boxes & Alerts

Bootbox.js – A small JS library that allows you to create programmatic dialog boxes using Bootstrap’s modals.
small javascript library create programmatic dialog boxes Bootstraps modals windows

Bootstrap Prompts – An plugin to replace the alert(), prompt(),confirm() notifications on the browser when using Twitter Bootstrap with modals.
Bootstrap Prompts plugin replace basic alert

Bootstrap Confirmation – A plugin that replaces popovers with confirmation dialogs.
plugin replaces popovers confirmation dialogs

File Upload

jQuery File Upload – A file upload widget that features multiple file selection, drag & drop, progress bars, validation and preview images.
file upload widget which features multiple file selection drag and drop progress bars

Form Validation

BootstrapValidator – A jQuery plugin for vaildating forms within Bootstrap.
jQuery plugin vaildating forms addon extension Bootstrap

jqBootstrapValidation – Another jQuery validation framework for Bootstrap forms.
jqBootstrapValidation Another jQuery validation framework Bootstrap

Validator – A simple and user-friendly form validator plugin for Bootstrap.
 simple user-friendly form validator plugin addon Bootstrap

HTML Tables

Tablecloth.js – Building off Bootstrap, this is is a jQuery plugin that helps you easily style HTML tables.
jQuery plugin that helps you style easily HTML tables

Navigable Table – A Bootstrap plugin for smooth navigation across table inputs.
Bootstrap plugin smooth navigation across table inputs

Image Gallery

Image Gallery – This plugin shows images and videos in the modal dialog of the Bootstrap. It features swipe, mouse & keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen support, and on-demand content loading.
plugin shows images videos modal dialog Bootstrap

In-Place Editing

X-editable – A library that allows you to create editable elements on your Bootstrap page.
library create editable elements Bootstrap page

Layout Grid

jQDrawBootstrapGrid – A simple jQuery plugin that draws grid columns to a Bootstrap enabled layout.
simple jQuery plugin draws grid columns Bootstrap enabled


Magnify – A JS plugin for adding a magnifying glass to images on mouseover.
javascript plugin adding magnifying glass images mouseover

Modal Windows

Bootstrap Modal – This plugin extends Bootstrap’s native modals to provide additional functionality (responsive, stackable, Ajax…).
plugin extend Bootstrap native modals

Bootstrap Scroll Modal – A modification of the Bootstrap Modal plugin that allows for unlimited modal height with full page scrolling.
modification Bootstrap Modal plugin unlimited modal height full page scrolling


Contextmenu – A context menu plugin for Bootstrap.
context menu plugin Bootstrap


bootpag – A jQuery plugin helps you create dynamic pagination with Bootstrap.
jQuery plugin create dynamic pagination Bootstrap

Progress Bars

Bootstrap Progressbar – A multi-color progress bar component for Bootstrap.
multi-color progressbar component addon Bootstrap


Bootstrap Star Rating – A jQuery star rating plugin for Bootstrap that supports fractional star fill and RTL input support.
jQuery star rating plugin Bootstrap

Social Buttons

Social Buttons for Bootstrap – A pure CSS social sign-in button library.
pure CSS social sign-in button library for bootstrap


bselect – A plugin for styling the <select> element in Bootstrap.
plugin styling select element Bootstrap

Bootstrap Multiselect – A jQuery-based plugin for using select inputs with the multiple attributes.
jQuery based plugin using select inputs

MultiSuggest – A useful plugin that extends the default Bootstrap Typeahead component.
useful plugin extends default Bootstrap Typeahead component


Bootstrap Tags – A jQuery plugin for adding tagging functionality Bootstrap.
jQuery plugin adding tagging functionality Bootstrap

Tokenfield – An advanced tagging jQuery plugin for Bootstrap with its focus on keyboard navigation and copy/paste support.
advanced tagging jQuery plugin component Bootstrap


Tabcordion.js – A simple jQuery plugin that transforms a set of Bootstrap tabs into a Bootstrap accordion.
simple jQuery plugin transforms Bootstrap tabs into Bootstrap accordion

tabcollapse – A plugin that switches the Bootstrap Tabs component to collapse for small screens.
plugin switches Bootstrap Tabs component collapse small screens

Tree Menu

EasyTree – A very basic tree-view jQuery plugin for Bootstrap.
very basic tree-view jQuery plugin addon extension Bootstrap

BootstrapTreeNav – A Javascript plugin for Bootstrap for creating tree navigation menus.
Javascript plugin Bootstrap creating tree navigation menus

Website Tour

Bootstrap Tour – A quick and easy way to build your product tours with Bootstrap Popovers.
quick easy way build your product tours with Bootstrap Popovers


bootstrap-wysihtml5 – A Javascript plugin that makes it easy to create simple WYSIWYG editors.
Javascript plugin easy create simple WYSIWYG editors

Summernote – A simple WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap.
simple WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap component

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