40 Creative Examples of Sliders in Web Design for Inspiration


Using slideshows or sliders within web design are an effective method of highlighting your portfolio projects, eCommerce products or even key site related messages and information. As the current landing page design trends dictates, they are typically found above the fold on the homepage.

For this article, we have found some high quality, beautifully designed and inspirational examples of sliders. Enjoy :)

Backyard Burgers

Feeling hungry? Take a look at this website and choose the menu you would like to satisfy your appetite with.

Backyard Burgers hero image slider


A very attractive and dynamic website with loads of creatively designed and interactive slides.

Converse hero image slider

Hm Andrei

Four beautiful and visually appealing slides that change automatically or you can also change the slide by clicking the small button to view the individual slides.

Hm Andrei hero image slider

Marcs Design

The slides have been incorporated well in this design, giving the impression that they are being browsed with a laptop.

Marcs Design hero image slider


Boerdam hero image slider

Tea Round App

Tea Round App hero image slider

These Are Things

These Are Things hero image slider

Studio XL

A vertically moving slide show with a very catchy and appealing effect. You can click the number or the arrow to view the next slide.

Studio XL hero image slider


Themefuse hero image slider

Josh Smith Design

This websites main page consists of full size slides with the navigation options presented at the bottom of the page.

josh Smith Design hero image slider

Utah travel

Lovely slideshow that is presented as a stack of photographs.

Utah travel hero image slider

Doopsuiker Poppies

Two simple yet beautifully designed sliders at the front of this webpage.

suikerdraakje hero image slider


Here you will see that a realistic view is presented by each individual slide that look simply amazing and attention grabbing.

Visitphilly hero image slider

Sven Prim

A horizontal website with 42 slides that you can browse from left to right. The slide quality is truly first class.

Sven Prim hero image slider


Five different and classic slides of some of the World’s most beautiful places. Click on a small thumbnail to view its enlarged view.

TravelBuzz hero image slider


A dark themed website with four different and unique slides that highlights the key points about this website.

Wearesignals hero image slider

Espressoa Partments

The slides of the apartments change dynamically and gives a great overview of how each apartment looks.

Espressoa Partments hero image slider

Malcolm Reading

Here the slides change vertically one by one. They specialize in the arts, museums and public realm.

Malcolm Reading hero image slider


A very interactive website that presents the slides in a totally different manner and allows you to browse further.

Rottefella hero image slider

Jax Vineyards

Jax Vineyards hero image slider


Relogik hero image slider

Full Fat Studios

Full Fat Studios hero image slider


A French website showcasing the key points through different well designed slides.

Nealite hero image slider


New to the website? Simply check out the slides and you will get the idea what the website is all about and what it offers.

Slidedeck hero image slider

Design Royale

Design Royale hero image slider

Purple Rock Scissors

Purple Rock Scissors hero image slider

La Masa Mimatta

Very colorful and beautifully designed slides that integrate with the website very well.

La Masa Mimatta hero image slider

Fox Classics

The things that set this website apart are its high quality graphics and collection of images for the slides.

Fox Classics hero image slider

Charlie Gentle

Here the slides are divided in two section with arrows placed at the centre to navigate. When you click the arrow, both the slides move simultaneously.

Charlie Gentle hero image slider

Team Viget

Team Viget hero image slider

Galan Design

Galan Design hero image slider


Yozenn hero image slider

Studio Break Fast

An extremely interactive website that demonstrates the slides in a completely different mode and allow you to browse further.

Studio Break Fast hero image slider

Household Design

Household Design hero image slider

Print Mornyc

The website of Print Mor NYC highlights their printing excellence in their slides. Simply click the arrow to move to the next slide.

Print Mornyc hero image slider

Hwo Architects

The slides move vertically giving you an idea of what you can expect from the website.

Hwo Architects hero image slider

Glitz Photography

Exceptionally colorful slides that incorporate with the website incredibly well.

Glitz Photography hero image slider


This is what the slide show of a mobile development website should be.

DFANY hero image slider

Style and Conscience

Style and Conscience hero image slider

Bohemia Design

Bohemia Design hero image slider

Edit Studios

Edit Studios hero image slider


Threadless hero image slider


Dconvulsions hero image slider

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