Stunning Fantasy Photographers to Envy

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Many would argue that one of the largest and most popular genres in art, especially digital, is fantasy. This style of art can be hand-drawn, painted, created in a drawing or animation software program, or even photographed, which is what this article will be focusing on: Stunning Fantasy Photographers to Envy.

A fantasy photograph takes a lot of time to plan, prepare, and shoot. The right costumes have to be created. Lighting has to be just so. Position of the model has to be perfect. And then comes the adding of any effects through Photoshop or drawing of the background in Illustrator. Fantasy photographers have to be more than just photographers. They have to be master artists, story-tellers, the producer, and the special effects guy all rolled into one.

The following collection of fantasy photographs comes from 4 artists who continue to exhibit incredible talent in their productions. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to swing by their website or social media page and tell them "thanks" for sharing their beautiful art with us.

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Susan Schroder

Over 20 years of experience in art has led Susan Schroder to find a way to magically combine her photography talent with her life-long love of fantasy art. Her studio is located in Redding, California, but she travels the world to find the perfect locations for her photography, most of them hidden nooks which most people do not frequent.

Amazingly, Susan completes every element of her artwork on her own, from the photography to the photomanipulation techniques, and even nearly all of her costumes she designs and handmakes. She digitally paints the fairy wings and other fantastical features into her art with stunning detail and lighting.

Here are some examples of her work:

Along Came a Spider

Eclipse at the Edge of Night and Day

Ever Sisters

Follow the Cairyon Call

Here Comes Mr. Gaoler

Incendia Unda


Summer Whispers

Tempus Gate


Stanislav Istratov

Stanislav Istratov, a resident of Kiev, began photography in the spring of 2007 when he just decided to buy a digital camera one day. Not long after in February 2008, he bought his first DSLR camera and experimented with outdoor shoots, as most of his photography he had staged inside up to this point. His photographs often tended toward dark art, but as most of his commercial requests were for more ordinary shoots, he learned how to incorporate beauty and fashion photos with a subtle dark or fantastical twist.

Now he offers services in beauty, dark, fetish, and nude photography, photomanipulation, photo retouching, and even illustration. His goal is always to continue experimenting and never get too comfortable using a certain method, which may be the reason for his continuing to produce such masterpieces.

Here are some examples of his work:






Miss Bony





Alexandra Sophie

By far one of the youngest photographers featured here, Alexandra Sophie is impressively a self-taught photographer who has already demonstrated incredible talent at 19 years of age. Her mission with photography is to show the world that "softness, love, innocence and dreams" still exist.

Her love of nature and anything in its natural form shows through her work. In fact, most of her photo shoots are unplanned, and she rarely meets her models beforehand. She enjoys the spontaneity of not knowing where or for whom she is photographing, as she is better able to capture innocence and a fresh viewpoint. Sophie has done a number of CD covers, book covers, brands, and been featured in magazines such as ELLE girl Korea in March 2012. She has also won Fashion Photo of the Year in the 2012 Festival MAP in Toulouse, France.

Here are some examples of her work:

Paranormal #4

Paranormal #1

Fashion #2

Fashion #5

Fashion #9

Fashion #11

Fashion #17

Underwater #0

Conceptual #5

Conceptual #12

Federico Chiesa

An incredibly talented Italian photographer and touch up artist, Federico Chiesa has an eye for fantastical scenes. While most of his professional work is in advertising, he also has found a love for street photography and fashion. His Horror Vacui photo shoot, created along with makeup artist and special FX stylist Carolina Trotta, is based on a simple question, "What if the most scary 80’s film horror characters were alive now?" showing Chiesa’s humorous side along with his vivid imagination. Both of these elements may be the reason for his long list of impressive clients: Vanity Fair, Mercedes, Universal, Giorgio Gucci, GQ, and much more.

Here are some examples of his work:

People #1

People #2

People #10

People #12

People #13

Conceptual #1

Conceptual #10

Darker Than Black

Darker Than Black

Horror Vacui