20+ Best Free Hand-Drawn Fonts for Designers


If you want to add a personal touch to your work, hand-drawn fonts are what you need. They’re typefaces designed to resemble natural handwriting, giving your typography a more personal and, at times, artistic touch.

As you would expect from a handwritten font, they come in many styles, from casual and formal to mischievous and lavish. They can be used on various design projects, including logo design, apparel design, personal branding, social media posts, and so much more.

Although, when using a hand-drawn font, you should exercise a certain degree of caution. While often elegant, some hand-drawn fonts may not be suitable for some projects as they can be difficult to read, making them a terrible choice for body text or when viewed on smaller screens.

Today, we have a collection of free hand-drawn fonts that are perfect for adding a personal feel to your next design project.

What is a Hand-Drawn Font?

A hand-drawn font is a type of font that looks like it was written by hand instead of being designed with a computer. It’s like the letters in a comic book or on a fun poster. Each letter looks slightly different, like when you write something out with your hand.

Hand-drawn fonts fonts come in all sorts of styles. Some might look like neat handwriting, while others might be more scribbly or artistic. They add a unique handcrafted touch to your work.

The Top Hand-Drawn Fonts for Creatives

Jumper Script Fonts

Jumper Script Fonts hand-drawn font free

Handkerchief Font (Free)

Handkerchief free handwritten Font hand-drawn font free

Watch Hand-Drawn Font

Watch hand-drawn font free

CABANA Handmade Font (Free)

CABANA Handmade free Font hand-drawn font free

Bright Sight

Bright Sight hand-drawn font free

Monthoers Handmade Letterpress (Free)

Monthoers Handmade free font Letterpress hand-drawn font free

Arabella Free Font (Free)

Arabella free handwritten Font hand-drawn font free

Waterlily Free Handwriting Font (Free)

Waterlily free handwritten Handwriting Font hand-drawn font free

Breathe Font Family (Free)

free handwritten Breathe Font Family hand-drawn font free


MAZAK Font family handwritten hand-drawn font free

Nickainley Handwriting Font

free Nickainley Handwriting Font hand-drawn font free

Cutepunk Typeface (Free)

Old Emma hand-drawn font free

Barokah Uppercase & Lowercase Display (Free)

Barokah Uppercase font free Lowercase Display hand-drawn font free

El Capitan Hand-Drawn Font (Free)

El Capitan Hand-Drawn free Font hand-drawn font free

Mathlete Hand-Drawn Font (Free)

Mathlete free Hand-Drawn Font hand-drawn font free

ALDI Handwritten Sans-Serif (Free)

ALDI Handwritten free Sans-Serif hand-drawn font free

Handmade Hipster Font Bellaboo (Free)

Handmade Hipster Font free hand-drawn font free

Liberal Hand Serif Font (Free)

Liberal Hand Serif Free Font hand-drawn font free

Barry Font Bold (Free)

Barry Free handwritten Font Bold hand-drawn font free

Bough Hand-Drawn Typeface (Free)

Bough Hand-Drawn Typeface free font hand-drawn font free

Fabfelt Handwritten Script (Free)

Fabfelt Handwritten Script free font hand-drawn font free

SUNN Uppercase Handwriting Font (Free)

SUNN Uppercase Handwriting Font free hand-drawn font free

Free Hand-Drawn Fonts FAQs

  • Why Use Hand-Drawn Fonts?
    They add a personal, artistic touch to your projects. They’re perfect for when you want to give your work a handmade, approachable feel.
  • Are Hand-Drawn Fonts Good for Professional Projects?
    Yes, they can be great for creative or informal professional projects. They work well in designs that aim for a relaxed, unique, or artistic look.
  • Can I Use Hand-Drawn Fonts for Logo Design?
    They can make logos stand out with their unique and personalized style. They’re especially fitting for brands that want to express creativity and approachability.
  • Are Hand-Drawn Fonts Legible?
    While they are creative, some hand-drawn fonts may sacrifice legibility for style. They’re best used for headings, logos, or short text where readability is less of a concern.
  • Can I Pair Hand-Drawn Fonts with Other Fonts?
    Pairing a hand-drawn font with a more neutral font (like a simple serif or sans-serif) can create a nice balance in your design.
  • What Should I Avoid When Using Hand-Drawn Fonts?
    Avoid using them in long paragraphs, as they can be hard to read. Also, be careful not to mix too many hand-drawn styles in one design, as it can become overwhelming.
  • How Do Hand-Drawn Fonts Impact the Tone of a Design?
    They can bring a casual, friendly, or artistic tone to a design. They’re great for projects that want to be personable, whimsical, or creative.
  • Do Hand-Drawn Fonts Work Well for Print Projects?
    They can add a unique charm to print projects like posters, invitations, or packaging.
  • What’s the Difference Between Hand-Drawn Fonts and Script Fonts?
    Hand-drawn fonts have a more informal and varied design, as if drawn by hand, while script fonts replicate formal handwriting or calligraphy.


Designers can never have enough free fonts in their toolbox, and hand-drawn fonts are perfect for adding charm and personality to your work.

All of these fonts were free at the time of publication, but please double-check the license before using them, as they can change from time to time.

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