10 Essential Sublime Text Extensions for WordPress Developers

When it comes to code text editors, Sublime Text has well and truly established itself as the most popular and most loved editor available.

It’s lightweight, super-easy-to-use, supports a multitude of programming languages, split edit screens, distraction-free mode… no matter what feature you need, Sublime Text has you covered!

In this post, we have highlighted ten Sublime Text WordPress extensions that will help when developing with everybody’s favorite CMS.

One of the most useful features of Sublime Text is its support for extensions/plugins (or additional packages as Sublime Text calls them), which will help you get even more out of the editor. So without wasting any more time, let us go ahead and check out the extensions:

If you have Package Control installed, you can install all of the below extensions directly from within Sublime Text (Preferences > Package Control > Install Package > Search...).

Sublime Text Snippet Library For WP

Sublime Text Snippet Library for WP contains various snippets that you can use with Sublime Text when developing for WordPress.

Thus, this extension ensures that you can focus on the task at hand, and leave minor tasks and simpler autocompleting stuff to Sublime Text.


If you are working on WP theme development using the Genesis framework, this particular Sublime Text extension might be useful for you, as it contains a bunch of handy snippets that you can use Genesis child theme development that little bit easier.

Search WordPress Codex

As the name suggests, Search WordPress Codex lets you search the WP Codex from within the editor.

Furthermore, you can right-click on any given function within the code, and it can take you to the function’s reference page in the Codex. It can be super useful if you need to refer to the Codex regarding a given function or coding style.

Sublime Text Snippets

Sublime Text Snippets is yet another extension that provides you with various WordPress-related snippets.

Some of the notable snippets included here are custom login logo, custom admin pages, custom login URL, custom footer text, and so on.

WordPress New Project Config

WordPress New Project Config can save you a lot of time each time you start a new WP project.

As such, this script can create a new folder with the project name, install the latest WordPress build automatically, fetch and install your chosen starter theme, eliminate default WP themes and the Hello Dolly plugin, create a database and table and finally, launch your project in Sublime Text.

Sublime Text WordPress

Sublime Text WordPress is a simple collection of WordPress snippets and autocomplete entries.

WordPress TextMate Bundle

WordPress TextMate Bundle is a simple plugin that can save a lot of time when working with WordPress.

It features auto-completion of WP plugins, snippets and other commonly used chunks of code, which can help you save a lot of time when developing for WordPress.

WordPress Readme to Markdown

WordPress Readme to Markdown lets you convert WordPress plugin readme files to Markdown.

Considering the fact that Markdown is an essential requirement when posting to the official repository, this extension can really be useful for developers whose strong-hold is not Markdown.

Sublime PHPtidy

Not WordPress specific but still really useful, Sublime PHPtidy lets you properly format your PHP code when working with Sublime Text.

Basically, this little extension ensures that your code is in compliance with WordPress Coding Standards.

Sublime HTMLtidy

Coming from the same lineage as Sublime PHPtidy, Sublime HTMLtidy can help you clean and tidy up your HTML code.

Once again, just like Sublime PHPtidy, this extension too can ensure that your work is not poorly coded.


The CSSFormat plugin will help you format your CSS files according to their own set of standards.

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