The History of Online Shopping [Infographic]

An infographic on The History of Online Shopping is an interesting one, and much longer than you might think. Beginning in the early days of the modern computer and only allowing simple B2B transactions it has grown to a multi-billion dollar industry that all of us use everyday…

…but where did it all begin?

The History of Online Shopping

The History of Online Shopping
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  • Too many copy paste problems with this info-graphic. Yahoo Stores & Google Checkout, I’ve noted.

  • David Mueller

    Multiple errors that I noticed: Mosaic (which was released in 1993) wasn’t renamed Netscape; Netscape Navigator was a separate project. The Yahoo Stores entry has the description from Ritmoteca. The iTunes Store was launched in 2003; it was the iTunes music player application that was released in 2001. Google Checkout has the description for Woot.

  • bolthouse

    ah, the mid 90’s

  • myselfrickey

    Pictures are very good, but it would be better if the words which are written over the pictures are littlr bit bigger because its very tuff to read those lines

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  • kathy_heslop

    Hello Doug – great concept. You’ve missed out shopping cart abandonment software. Our data capture technology filed patents in 2008. So if you decide to revise, just holler if we can help :-)

  • Doug

    Thanks for the feedback David, duly noted and revised

  • Doug

    Hi Ve Interactive. Thanks for the tip, it’s such a long and complex history I knew I was bound to miss something! Sadly I didn’t see your comment in time to make the revisions, but i’ll make sure to include it in any future versions

  • Andy Lewis

    There is a typo in the first virtual mirror section. Popular is spelled “papular”.