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Magazine Layout


14 Beautiful Examples of Magazine Layouts in Web Design

All aesthetically pleasing, these magazine-style websites all have highly unique layouts, all put UX first, and all prime examples of design consistency.


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10 Best Magazine Layout Tutorials for Adobe InDesign

Creating your own magazine layouts in Adobe InDesign might seem tricky, but with these tutorials, you’ll create complex and attractive layouts in no time.


This Just In: Excellent News and Magazine CSS Layouts

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Current Design Trends for Blogs and Online Magazines

Blogs on the Internet are becoming are easiest way to consume news & information. Many web designs are responsive which allows reading on mobile devices, and you aren’t even paying…


Exploring the Design Trends of Magazine-Style Homepage Layouts

Designers who have been paying attention to online blogs and news sources will have noticed the increasing trend of magazine-style website layouts. Specifically, news listings where you may find a…


Design Tips for Building Magazine Style WordPress Themes