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Movie Posters


The 15 Best Cinema & Movie Effect Photoshop Action Sets

We’ve compiled a fantastic collection of one-click cinema and movie effect Photoshop action sets that will take your photos to the next level.


30 Beautifully Designed Minimal Movie Posters

We’ve collected the best minimally re-designed movie posters from all over the web. Use them as inspiration for your own minimal design projects.


20 Free Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Templates

These pre-built free Bootstrap themes & templates have been designed as a complete solution for the admin area or dashboard of your web application.


40 Creative Pictogram Recreations of Popular Movie Posters

A movie poster plays an important role in movie marketing. Sometimes, all it takes is a mesmerizing photo, the right mix of colors, and an attention-worthy font to grab our…


Fantastic Movie Posters with Simple Geometric Layouts

Calum Rolland, a graphic designer from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, has recently created a fantastic and unique series of Swiss Style influenced movie posters, using only simple geometric shapes and layouts. The…


An Illustrated Poster Series of the Most Iconic Cars from TV and Movies

In today’s gallery post we take a nostalgic look at an illustrated poster collection of some of the most iconic cars from TV and movies. Kit, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters,…


The Literal Movie Poster Series

Designer Danish Ahmed recently took a very close look at a selection of popular movie titles and then, taking their literal meaning, created a poster for each movie. The highly…


Woody Allen Movie Poster Remakes

Last week, we brought to you a Coen Brothers poster series, today, we have another series of movie poster remakes for you, and this time, it is a series of…


Coen Brothers Poster Series: An Artistic Homage to the Storytellers

Creativity and entertainment is always a killer combination. Take up any genre from the entertainment industry, and add to it a touch of creative talent — Boom! You’ve got yourself…


40 Digital Remakes of Popular Movie Posters

Quite often a films promotion poster does not reflect the quality of the actual film, which is disappointing. But what if the poster was designed differently, with a little bit…


Nostalgic Poster Illustrations of Popular Movie Vehicles

Ahh… childhood nostalgia. Do you remember all of those cartoons, movies and tv shows you watched when you were a child? Of course, you do. We don’t remember the important…


15 Beautifully Designed Alternative Movie Posters