30 Beautifully Designed Minimal Movie Posters


Movie posters are not only a great promotional and advertising tool for the movie industry, but they are also great memorabilia for any true movie buff out there. Movie poster designs range from complex to minimal, and it is often the minimal movie posters that are the most memorable.

The reason behind this is simple: growing up we’re always taught that bigger is better and that slowly, we become “blind” to it. We stop noticing bigger because it’s so commonplace. But what happens when you take a few elements away? When you simplify fonts and pare down the color choices? It’s then that we start to take notice and remember a particular design.

Whether it’s websites, print ads or movie posters, the minimalist design draws our attention immediately because it stands out from the noise. It’s different, and different makes us take notice.

When it comes to minimal movie posters, like every other minimal type of design, strip away unnecessary elements until there is nothing more left to take away while still being able to convey the intended meaning. They use simple backgrounds, very few design elements, and simple and clean fonts. Minimal movie posters also make use of white space to achieve a unique and creative look.

Minimal movie posters are the best proof that less is indeed more when it comes to effective and beautiful design. In this gallery, we’ve gathered the best minimal movie posters with beautiful designs from all over the web. Use them as inspiration for your own minimal design projects.

If you’re currently designing a poster, these poster templates or these free poster mockup templates may help you.

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