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10 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating the Parallax Scrolling Effect

We have collected our favorite parallax scrolling CSS & JavaScript snippets that will allow you to create your own parallax UI layout in no time.


8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Adding Scroll Effects to Your Website

Scrolling is among the most basic tasks we ask of users. And, judging from the amount of scrolling on websites and apps these days – we’re asking a lot. Adding…


25 Procreate Tutorials for Drawings, Illustrations, Paintings, and More

This collection of Procreate tutorials consists of a nice mix of walkthroughs for beginners and more experienced artists, looking to improve their skills.


20 Inspiring Examples of the Parallax Scrolling Effect in Web Design

There really is no better medium for guiding a user through a story than using the parallax scrolling effect. Check out these inspiring examples.


The Pros and Cons of Long-Scrolling in Web Design

Long-scrolling, one-page websites are becoming commonplace. The above-the-fold versus the no fold debate appears to be tilting in favor of the latter approach. It has for a long time been…


Scrolling in Web Design: How Much Is Too Much?

Scrolling may seem like a very basic feature of a website, and essentially, it is. However, despite its basic functionality, the scrolling on your website can either work to users’…


Exploring the Long Scrolling Web Design Trend

The smaller the screen, the longer the scroll. That truism explains the rise of the long scrolling: with mobile browsing overtaking desktop browsing, the popularity of small screens has urged…


Infinite Scrolling: Is it Helping or Hurting Your Business?

When it comes to content marketing and web design, it’s increasingly important to be a thought leader in your field. Millennials are notorious for skimming web pages, making up their…


How to Create a Simple Parallax Scrolling Effect

In this tutorial, we take a look at a beautiful parallax scrolling effect in the simplest of ways, with stationary backgrounds and scrolling content.


How to Scroll to an Internal Link with jQuery

One page scrolling sites have experienced a huge growth in popularity in web design in recent years. Although this type of site isn’t for everyone, it is still useful to…


Free Single-Page Scrolling HTML5 Portfolio Template + PSDs