Tutor LMS Turns Your WordPress Site into an Educational Powerhouse


The popularity of online education seems to be growing on a daily basis – and it’s easy to see why. For educational providers, there is both a significant cost savings and flexibility in the types of content that can be offered.

Students love the fact that they can learn anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to commute to a physical location and also benefit from lower tuition fees.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of this phenomenon, the Tutor LMS WordPress plugin is your complete solution. Use it to build and sell full-featured online courses. And, many of its core features are available for free!

The LMS for Everyone

With Tutor LMS, you’ll find a full array of powerful and flexible features. This makes it a great fit for virtually any type of organization. Whether you’re an educational institution, company or individual, you’ll have everything you need to build courses that meet your exact needs.

Here’s a look at everything Tutor LMS has to offer:

Drag-and-Drop Course Builder

Creating the course you want is easy, thanks to a user-friendly course builder. This drag-and-drop UI offers plenty of options and room for unlimited customization. Add lessons or quizzes and reorder them in a jiffy. You can also set course prerequisites and reward students with a custom certificate.

Tutor LMS Course Builder.

Rich Quiz Creation with 10 Unique Question Types

With the Advanced Quiz Creator, you can build robust quizzes that test your student’s knowledge. Choose from 10 predefined question types, set limits on attempts and time spent, randomize questions and set a grading scale. Automated results let students see their progress, while an advanced options panel enables even more customization.

Tutor LMS Question Types.

Monetize Courses

Set fees for each course individually or give them away for free. Tutor LMS supports both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads, which opens up a world of possibilities. Sell courses via one-time purchase or provide lifetime access. And, you can use any payment gateway supported by your shopping cart of choice. Not only that, you can also allocate commissions to affiliates and easily withdraw funds.

Flexible Management Options

The courses you create with Tutor LMS can be tailored to the needs of your organization. Each course can have multiple instructors, and you can even review instructor profiles prior to approval. You can also manage student course reviews, along with student and instructor profiles – all from within WordPress.

Communication Made Easy

Need to stay in touch? Take advantage of the student forum and email notification features to share knowledge. This increases student engagement and better ensures that they are getting the most out of their learning experience.

Tutor LMS Student Forum.

Modern, User-Friendly UI

Students will love the ease of navigating your courses, thanks to a thoughtful implementation of UI and UX. They’ll be able to bookmark courses they’re interested in and track progress through their own individualized dashboard. Everything has been carefully-crafted to provide an intuitive experience.

Powerful Analytics

Get a complete overview of your courses and how students are using them. See vital statistics on enrollment, quiz attempts and more. You’ll have the information you need to keep your online education portal running strong.

Tutor LMS Report Panel.

Complete Control

Tutor LMS includes features that put you in control of your courses. Protect your hard work by blocking unauthorized users from seeing specific content or files. Through the plugin settings, you can customize your courses to match your needs. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Frontend Course Builder

You can build courses quicker than ever and with no coding necessary. Add lessons, upload attachments and manage course content – all from the frontend of your site.
Frontend Course Builder

Powerful Addons for Pro Users

Tutor LMS Pro users have instant access to an ever-growing list of premium addons. Each one can be turned on or off with a click, including:

Tutor Assignments

Assign an unlimited number of tasks to your students and position them between lessons and quizzes, or at the end of each topic.

Tutor Certificate

Enable students to download a customized certificate upon completion of a course.

Tutor Course Attachments

This addon allows you to upload file attachments to your courses. Use any file format accepted by WordPress.

Tutor Course Preview

Allow students to try out a course before they sign up. You can pick and choose which lessons to make available and whether or not students must have an account on your site.

Tutor E-Mail

Manage what and when notification emails are sent to your students and teachers. Emails can be turned on or off and customized with your information.

Tutor Multi Instructors

With this addon, your courses can truly become a team effort. Use it to assign and manage instructors for each course.

Tutor Report

Add powerful analytics to your courses, with both general summaries and highly-detailed statistics that allow you to make evidence-based decisions.

Tutor Prerequisites

Want your students to follow a specific path in their learning? This addon lets you set course prerequisites, ensuring that students have acquired the necessary knowledge to take that next step.

Tutor LMS Premium Addons.

Start Using Tutor LMS for Free

If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own online education website, now is the time to take action. Install the feature-packed free version of Tutor LMS and get your courses up-and-running in no time.

Looking for even more advanced features? Tutor LMS Pro offers you customized certificates, powerful reports, course prerequisites, multimedia attachments, course previews, email notifications and a whole lot more. It’s everything you need to create a professional-level education portal. Plus, you’ll have access to one year of plugin updates and priority support.

What are you waiting for? Let Tutor LMS help you achieve your goals.

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