What Is Using All The Bandwidth? [Infographic]

We know that the words exciting and intriguing are rarely used alongside anything bandwidth related, but this infographic, from whoishostingthis.com, genuinely does contain some really cool statistics.

For example, did you know that global internet data usage grew by 120% between 2011 and 2012? Or, that there will be 19 billion global network connections by 2017? Or even that there were 2.3 Billion internet users Worldwide in 2012 – a whopping 32% of the world’s 7.2 billion population!

That is pretty staggering, don’t you think?

What Is Using All The Bandwidth?

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What Is Using All The Bandwith Infographics

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  • I love inforgraphics like this. Simplify all that technically gobbledeegook into something I can digest lol! 35% of all downloads are pornographic?! SURELY NOT?! Not in my office!!

  • reachue

    Maybe More then 35% Bianca….. More then you know.