Free Vector Chart & Graph Templates

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If you have ever tried searching for high quality Chart & Graph templates, you will understand the dilemma and difficulty we had in compiling this round-up. We have also been asked on a number of occasions by a readers to help. For a while we actually thought there wasn’t any. But, thankfully, we eventually found some.

We have sifted through every resource, every link and followed every possible lead to compile this list. And the result is not the biggest resource in the world, but it is certainly valuable.

So, if you are searching for high quality vector chart and graph templates you had better bookmark this page, its quite literally like gold dust.

Illustrator can be a valuable tool in your visualization arsenal.

Bar Graphs, Line Charts, Pie Charts & 3d Graphs (EPS, AI & SVG)

Bar Graphs, Line Charts, Pie Charts and 3d Graphs eps ai svg

This vector set contains various colorful charts in EPS, AI and SVG format and could be used to represent: financial figures, traffic uptrends, stock charts, calorie charts, conversion charts, business growth, data reports, investment numbers and calculations.

The Graphs 2 (AI & SVG)

The Graphs 2 AI & SVG
This is the second release of "The Graphs"! With 169 vector icons it is by far and away the largest and the most flexible graph icon collection on the web. With the power of Scalable Vector Graphics you can use these icons directly into your web pages. You can change colors, re-size elements, replace objects, make adjustments, make new combinations – All of these icons are completely editable. The Graphs 2 has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Liquidicity Pie Charts (AI)

Liquidicity Pie Charts AI
This useful resource comes in the form of the AI source files from an Illustrator chart tutorial from

Beautiful 3D Graphs and Charts (AI)

Beautiful 3D Graphs and Charts AI

In this tutorial you’ll be shown how to put some style into graphs Illustrator. The source AI source files are available to download.

How to Make a Graph (AI)

How to Make a Graph AI

This detailed tutorial covers the steps to make the above graph in Illustrator using the graph tool. The AI source are available to download.

Pretty Pie Charts (AI)

Pretty Pie Charts AI
This resource is yet another tutorial that offers AI source files.

3D Graphs (AI)

3D Graphs AI
This tutorial will show you how to create the above 3D graphs using Illustrator CS2 and yes, the source files arfe available.

Vector Graph and Chart Icons (AI & EPS)

Vector Graph and Chart Icons AI EPS

The 10 icons in this uniform vector icon-set cover all aspects of charting and graphs. They are free for personal and commercial use.