Weekly News for Designers № 552


A Lightweight Masonry Solution A nice lightweight solution from Ana Tudor. The minified JavaScript is under 800 bytes, while the strictly masonry-related styles are under 300 bytes.
A Lightweight Masonry Solution

What is the difference between this & that? Learn the the differences between ___ and ___ in front-end development.
What is the difference between this & that?

Deep Dive into CSS Grid Dive deep into the CSS Grid Layout and explore almost all related properties and features.
Deep Dive into CSS Grid

Modern CSS Techniques To Improve Legibility This detailed article covers how we can improve website legibility using some modern CSS techniques,

Getting the Most Out of Variable Fonts on Google Fonts

Mobile App UX Design Process
Mobile App UX Design Process

Growing Your Audience as a Designer We discuss the key principles that allow community builders to rise above others, and how you can learn from the examples they set.

macintosh.js Freely download Macintosh Quadra with Mac OS 8.1, together with a bunch of apps and games. It runs on JavaScript.

μPlot.js A fast, memory-efficient Canvas 2D-based chart library for quickly plotting time series, lines, areas, ohlc and bar charts.

How to Troubleshoot WordPress Website Email Issues
How to Troubleshoot WordPress Website Email Issues

Forge Icons A collection of 300+ free SVG icons for your next design project.
Forge Icons

What Does 100% Mean in CSS?
What does 100% mean in CSS?

Should a Web Designer Ever Provide Discounts? Discounting your services is not really a good move. But, there are some scenarios where it does make sense to offer a lower price for your web services.

System UIcons A free collection of 220 clean and simple icons that have been designed specifically for products. Use them how you want, without attribution.

Free MacBook Mockup Photoshop PSD Templates Take a look at some of the best free Macbook computer mockups (Photoshop PSD) curated here and add them all to your resource library.