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Why Faster Websites Make More Money [Infographic]

on UI Design

From a design point of creating a website, it seems simple. Some design websites to be pleasing to the eye. Others focus on UX and functionality. However, it seems as though an often forgotten element in creating a website is its speed.

Loading the site down with heavy background images and fancy animations might win some design awards. However, the longer it takes your website to load, the quicker you may realize that an award winning design won’t always earn you any revenue.

Faster websites make more money. Period. In fact, reducing a website’s speed by just 1 second can boost conversion rates by a whopping 7%! How many more leads could you generate with just one second shaved off your website’s load time?

Are you an ecommerce store? How much money could that translate for your business in the long run? Depending on the volume of revenue your site brings in, a one second improvement could mean millions of dollars a year. Both Amazon and Walmart realized the missed opportunity here and discovered that just a 100 millisecond improvement to their page loading times translated into a 1% increase in sales. One percent for Amazon and Walmart translates into millions of dollars.

Read on for more information about loading times in the infographic below, and be sure to not neglect a very important aspect of website functionality!

Why Faster Websites Make More Money

Why Faster Websites Make More Money infographic full-size

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