Showcase of 20 Mobile-Friendly Popular Design Blogs

Roughly 3-4% of our readers view this site via a mobile device and that percentage is growing week-to-week. They aren’t very high percentages but it was certainly high enough to prompt me into action – I started considering a mobile version of this site.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t want it look like an entirely stripped down version of the full site. I did want to keep the overall layout of the hompage (thumbnails and excerpt), I wanted the internal post images to be re-sized per screen rather than cropped, and most importantly, I wanted the essence of the site, albeit in smaller mode, to reflect on the mobile version.
I experimented with a few WordPress plugins, for some sites these plugins may be powerful enough, but not for me, I wanted more functionality. I also tried a few web services, I wasn’t too happy with them either.

Eventually I chanced upon the solution while browsing WebDesigner Depot on my HTC Hero (much better than the iPhone!), and there mobile site just looked amazing. It has the appearance of a mobile app while still maintaining the integrity and functionality of the full site. I went digging and found out that they were using Mobify, a web service were you can design a mobile layout for your website exactly how you want.

I since discovered that a lot of design blogs were also using Mobify (Smashing Magazine and Abduzeedo to name a couple), so I jumped in and tried it. You can see from the screenshot below what I have built, and it actually wasn’t that hard nor did it test the patience. Speckyboy-Lite looks not too bad:

Mobile Speckyboy Design MagazineMobile Speckyboy Design Magazine

Mobify Overview

In case you were wondering what Mobify is all about, have a look at this short video below.

Below you will find 20 mobile versions of popular design blogs designed with Mobify. Its best if you view this page with a mobile device as to get the full viewing benefit and fully experiencing there mobile versions. Why not bookmark them all as well.


Mobile AbduzeedoMobile Abduzeedo

Smashing Magazine

Mobile Smashing MagazineMobile Smashing Magazine


Mobile SitePointMobile SitePoint

Veerle's blog 2.0

Mobile Veerles blog 2.0Mobile Veerles blog 2.0

Webdesigner Depot

Mobile Webdesigner DepotMobile Webdesigner Depot

Yanko Design

Mobile Yanko DesignMobile Yanko Design

A List Apart

Mobile A List ApartMobile A List Apart


Mobile TheDielineMobile TheDieline

I love Typography

Mobile I love TypographyMobile I love Typography

Jeffrey Way

Mobile Jeffrey WayMobile Jeffrey Way

Six Revisions

Mobile Six RevisionsMobile Six Revisions

Avatar NY

Mobile Avatar NYMobile Avatar NY

Mobile Designm.agMobile


Mobile WebmasterRadio.FMMobile WebmasterRadio.FM

kristarella.comMobile Kristarella


Mobile CSS-TricksMobile CSS-Tricks

Just Creative Design

Mobile Just Creative DesignMobile  Just Creative Design

Amy Stoddard

Mobile Amy StoddardMobile Amy by Mobify


Mobile MyInkBlogMobile MyInkBlog

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