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In this specialized WordPress sub-category we focus on articles that feature only the best and most useful free WordPress Plugins.


WordPress Custom Fields – A Simple Use

Custom Fields are one of those features inside WordPress that not everyone is fully aware of. While they’ve been around for awhile, they aren’t really screaming "use me" out of a standard install of WordPress. That said, they can really help you achieve some powerful and unique features in your projects. Let’s explore one simple idea of how you can…


12 Obscure WordPress Plugins You’ll Love

Running your own WordPress website can be quite a chore. The internet’s premiere blogging platform has plenty of functionality built in, but to add something extra, you will have to be prepared to put in a lot of extra legwork. Luckily, an enthusiastic community of open source contributors consistently brings you new ways to simplify your WordPress troubles on a…


Building a WordPress Theme Around the Events Calendar Plugin

WordPress has quickly transformed from a mere content management platform to one that is now involved in managing almost every aspect of an administrator’s day. The world’s most popular content management solution can, via plugins, manage events, dates, to-do lists, notes, tweets, Facebook status updates, and more. And, of these new ways to manage content, there is perhaps no more…

Focusing on Usability with an Enhanced Pagination Design in WordPress Entries

WordPress has supported basic pagination in both entries and in lists of posted entries for quite some time, although this method is not the most intuitive way to navigate content. Because the developers behind this popular content management solution believe in making everything almost exceedingly basic, so that it accommodates novice users as well as those who are more advanced,…