Creating a Full Width Responsive Tiled Menu with CSS

Full width tiled menus are a crisp way for displaying your site’s navigation and for giving end to end coverage, creating a very full-bodied effect for the user. In this tutorial, we’re going to make it fully responsive, and throw in some quick JavaScript at the end to show/hide the navigation on smaller screen widths, via a navigation toggle button….


What Designers Can Learn From Copywriters

Designers and copywriters have a symbiotic relationship. In our modern, web-based industry, one can’t really exist without the other. Copywriters provide the engaging content that snags users’ attention and prompts them to buy, and designers provide the overall framework that facilitates a great experience for said user. In fact, designers and copywriters have quite a bit to learn from each…


Weekly News for Designers (N.243)

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week. You can sign-up to our awesome weekly newsletter for some more amazing articles, resources and freebies. New Resources & Tools Dense.js – A jQuery plugin for easily serving retina-ready images. Breach – A browser entirely written in…


Memorable World Cup Moments Illustration Series

And so the world cup comes to an end… Overall it has been a fantastic tournament, with some truly great goals and plenty of memorable moments. Some of those goals and moments have been immortalized by Dipanjan Biswas, an Indian based digital illustrator, who has created a series of illustrations depicting all of those golden moments from the world cup,…


Intriguing Levitation Photography by Bairon Rivera

Photography is not about the pictures you take with your camera, it’s about the concept that you have in your mind which you give physical form to. Maryland-based photographer Bairon Rivera has defied gravity by creating a series of conceptual, bizarre yet intriguing ‘levitation‘ photographs that recently caught our attention. Bairon has beautifully manipulated his art by blending a surreal…


30 Free Responsive Email Templates

With almost 50% of all emails being opened on a mobile device, and with that percentage expected to rise rapidly over the next couple of years, the importance of using a responsive template for your email marketing campaigns has never been higher. As you will probably already know, designing basic cross-client HTML emails is difficult (looking at you Outlook!) in…