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20 Libraries & Plugins for the Prototype JavaScript Framework

on JavaScript

Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.

“It featuring a unique, easy-to-use toolkit for class-driven development and the nicest Ajax library around, Prototype is quickly becoming the codebase of choice for web application developers everywhere”.

20 Amazing Javascript Prototype Scripts, Elements, Widgets, Classes…

Phototype – Image manipulation with Javascript

Prototype ScriptsDescription: Phototype is a client/server-side library, based on prototype, which supports all kinds of image manipulations. You are able to rotate, resize, flip and do some other cool effects to images.
Demo and Download: Phototype – Homepage

Prototip 2

Prototype ScriptsDescription: Prototip allows you to easily create both simple and complex tooltips with relative ease.
Features: Easy to customize ; Complete control over tooltip positions ; Configurable rounded corners, no PNG images required ; Speech bubble effects ; Compatabile with all browsers.
Demo and Download: :Prototip 2 Homepage

LivePipe™ : User Interface Components for Prototype

Prototype ScriptsDescription: LivePipe UI is a suite of high quality widgets and controls for web 2.0 applications built using the Prototype JavaScript Framework. Each control is well tested, highly extensible, fully documented and degrades gracefully for non JavaScript enabled browsers where possible.
Demo and Download: :LivePipe™ Homepage

Starbox – Rating Stars

Prototype ScriptsDescription: Starbox allows you to easily create all kinds of rating boxes using just one PNG image. For some extra effects you can add Scriptaculous as well.
Demo and Download: :Starbox Homepage

Really easy field validation

Prototype ScriptsDescription: Here is a form validation script that is very easy to use. The basic method is to attach to the form onsubmit event, read out all the form elements and classes and perform validation if required. If a field fails validation, reveal field validation advice and prevent the form from submitting.
Demo and Download: :Really easy field validation Homepage


Prototype ScriptsDescription: Plotr is a a charting framework for Prototype. It is based around PlotKit, this enabled developers to use Canvas or SVG elements for rendering bar, line and pie charts. The result is a lightweight charting framework (12kb!) named Plotr.
Demo and Download: Plotr Homepage


Prototype ScriptsDescription: TableKit is a collection of HTML table enhancements using the Prototype framework. TableKit currently implements row striping, column sorting, column resizing and cell editing using Ajax.
Demo and Download: TableKit Homepage

DhoniShow v. 0.7

Prototype ScriptsDescription: DhoniShow is one of the most feature packed image slideshows I have seen, yet is easy to implement. Its simple through some images into your html and the Javascript will do the rest. Definetly recommended.
Demo and Download: DhoniShow Homepage

Convincing Mail

Description: Whatever your product or service ConvincingMail Marketing Software is effective, you can reach potentially huge audience, it includes numerous advanced product features, support within easy reach and affordable fixed prices. ConvincingMail© allows creating, sending and tracking various types of HTML or text formatted messages like email newsletters, announcements, mass personalized marketing campaigns and others using professionally designed HTML email templates.
Demo and Download: Convincing Mail Homepage


Prototype ScriptsDescription: LlightboxXL is lightbox with a differnce, you can search videos by RSS or META, view them lightbox style and (in some providers) download them to your computer.
Demo and Download: LlightboxXL

Calendar Slide Select

Prototype ScriptsDescription: A Prototype component to ease user experience in selecting a date range. It is very stylish, easy to style and very effective.
Demo and Download: Calendar Slide Select Homepage

Proto.IPS :: In-place-select controls made easy

Prototype ScriptsDescription: Proto.IPS is a nice widget which can be used for in place selection. The idea is taken from gmail chat control (for setting user status) behavior, and the reproduction is very effective.
Demo and Download: Proto.IPS Homepage

AJAX – Powered AutoComplete (for Prototype.js)

Description: Not just any ajax autocomplete component, but something far more advanced. A fair few extra features.
Demo and Download: AJAX – Powered AutoComplete Homepage

Table Sorter Class : TabOrderer

Prototype ScriptsDescription: TableOrderer.js is a simple script based on prototype 1.6.0. It allows you to dynamically create Sortable HTML Table.
You only have to define an array of object in javascript or generate a JSON object that can be use by the script as datasource.
Demo and Download: TabOrderer Homepage

AJAX File Upload

Prototype ScriptsDescription: This employs a similar method to what is found in the GMail file upload, using a hidden IFRAME to post the file and AJAX to check the progress. There is also a tester script in the zip file for you to upload to your server to make sure that you have all the settings correct. Instructions are also in the zip file.
Demo and Download: AJAX File Upload Homepage

Implementing Map Mashups with Mapstraction

Prototype ScriptsDemo and Download: Implementing Map Mashups with Mapstraction

PhotoShop-like JavaScript Color Picker

Prototype ScriptsDescription: To create the color mixing, the larger map is made of two layers and the vertical slider has four layers (two are used for H, S, or B; four layers for R, G, or B). Some others pickers use this method for a hue map, but don't include the other maps (S,V,R,G,B). The JavaScript is made up of some color methods, a slider control, a handler for input, and the ColorPicker object to put it all together.
Demo and Download: PhotoShop-like JavaScript Color Picker

FreeTextBox 4.0

Prototype ScriptsDescription: Demo and Download: FreeTextBox 4.0 Homepage

Really Simple Validation

Prototype ScriptsDemo and Download: Really Simple Validation Homepage

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