10 Free Social Login & Bookmarking Buttons Source Files

A popular trend nowadays is for websites and services to use integrated social networking logins to rapidly reduce the time it would take a typical user to signup (no more filling in forms and remembering another password). Not only do social logins aid the user, but they also greatly benefit websites and services, allowing them to increase the volume of signups and improve their service based on the information that has been shared by the social network.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google are by far and away the most popular services to offer this authentication technique. But, straight out of the box, the social login buttons they all offer are, to be frank, pretty boring and in all probability may not fit in with the uniformity of your site.

That is where this short post comes in. Below you will find the source files of 20 beautifully designed replacement social login buttons, covering all of the popular social services and coming in either PSD or PNG formats (there are also some CSS buttons).

Twitter & Facebook Connect Buttons (Photoshop PSD)

Twitter & Facebook Connect Buttons

Social Sign in Buttons (Photoshop PSD)

Social Sign in Buttons

Vibrant Twitter Follow Buttons (Photoshop PSD)

Vibrant Twitter Follow Buttons

Social Media Bookmark Icons (PNG)

Social Media Bookmark Icons

Softicons (PNG & Photoshop PSD)


Web Social Media Button (PNG & Photoshop PSD)

Web Social Media Button

Social Media Buttons (Photoshop PSD)

Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons Using CSS3

Social Media Buttons Using CSS3

Social Buttons v 1.0 (PNG)

Social Buttons v 1.0

Social Logins (Photoshop PSD)

Social Logins