30 Essential and Advanced WordPress Plugins

These are a list of advanced WP plugins that I have used and tested, and have proven to be indispensable.
They are not listed by any kind of rank.

1. WP-CODEBOX Plugin | Eric @ EricBess WebHome

Wp-CodeBox provides clean syntax highlighting and advanced feature for embedding source code within pages or posts.

2. Advanced Excerpt • Spare Pencil

This plugin adds several improvements to WordPress’ default way of creating excerpts.

3. SMS Text Message | Semper Fi Web Design

SMS Text Message is a plugin for WordPress to allow blog owners to update their readership via SMS.

4. flagrantdisregard » FD Footnotes Plugin for WordPress

This plugin provides an extremely easy way to add elegant looking footnotes to your posts. The syntax is natural, simple to understand, and degrades gracefully if the plugin is removed. Footnotes are linked unobtrusively and the note itself links back to the original text where the footnote is referenced.

5. TinyMCE Advanced » LaptopTips

This plugin adds 16 plugins to TinyMCE, WordPress’ wysiwyg editor: Advanced hr, Advanced Image, Advanced Link, Context Menu, Emotions (Smilies), Full Screen, IESpell, Layer, Media, Nonbreaking, Print, Search and Replace, Style, Table, Visual Characters and XHTML Extras. Together these plugins can add over 40 new buttons to the toolbar, which is now two rows plus one hidden row.

6. WP-Affiliate PHP Blog Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin | Seo Adventures

This plugin allows you to mask affiliate links with urls of your choosing. Simple categorization is available.

7. Different Posts Per Page

With this plugin you can have total control over the number of posts you want to show in home, category, archive or any specific pages of wordpress.

8. WP-typogrify

wp-typogrify is a WordPress plugin that “Prettifies your web typography by preventing ugly quotes and ‘widows’ and providing CSS hooks to style some special cases.”

9. Highlight Source Pro: Sourcecode Highlighting WordPress-Plugin — blog.kno.at

Allows you to highlight any source code within a post.

10. WP-Syntax

WP-Syntax provides clean syntax highlighting using GeSHi — supporting a wide range of popular languages. It supports highlighting with or without line numbers and maintains formatting while copying snippets of code from the browser.

11. Old Shortcodes » LaptopTips

This plugin that will hide shortcodes left over from old or deactivated plugins. Give it a shortcode, it will stop it from displaying on the site.

12. Add Your Own Headers

This plugin allows you to add tags to the header of an individual page or post such as keywords/descriptions, custom meta tags, external style sheet links, or embedded style tags. You no longer need to use conditional statements or separate templates just to change something like a background image, text style, etc.

13. Category Page (Pixline)

This plugin allows to connect Pages to Categories, and let you display a Page’s content on top of category archives. It’s a perfect companion for WordPress, especially if you are planning to use it as a CMS system, more than a blog.

14. EZ-FAQ | grepsedia.com

EZ-FAQ is a Free and Open Source WordPress plugin which help format an FAQ page.

15. Save My pre

If you’ve tried to use code samples in WordPress, you might have noticed unexpected behavior from the WYSIWYG editor. It will edit the whitespace inside of pre tags, leaving you with some poorly formatted, hard-to-read code. This plugin will fix it.

16. CodeHighlighter Plugin – IdeA thinKING

This plugin is a syntax highlighter for source code. It uses GeSHi as fontifier engine.

17. Post-thumb revisited

Effortlessly add thumbnails to posts.

18. Mowser Mobile Plugin

The plugin redirects devices that seem to be mobile devices to the Mowser version of your blog.

19. CSS Text Stroke | Blog – MapMyGlobe

Text Stroke is the cool, nice-looking effect where black text characters are displayed on a white surrounding to increase readability on a non-uniform coloured background. For example text on Google Maps is displayed that way, just have a look at the place names in the banner of this page. A way to have this effect on an image is to use the Glow effect in Photoshop.

20. Image Caption

Image Caption is a WordPress plugin that extracts the title attribute from images within your blog post and generates a neat caption directly underneath those images (no Javascript required).

21. Devlounge | Feed Styler

Feed Styler is a WordPress plugin for WordPress users who are comfortable with CSS and would like to be able to style their feeds. Feed Styler enables you to keep your existing class and ID style declarations in your content, but allows a different style to be applied to the feed of that same content. No longer do feeds have to be stripped of style and color.

22. WP-Table at alex.rabe

If you need a table in your blog and if your not so familiar with HTML table design, wp-Table will help you. The latest feature update is a csv import , so that you can edit tables in a much faster way.

23. post2pdf | AntonelloCicchese.com

This plugin will convert all your posts, pages and categories into pdf documents ready to download on the fly.

24. Disclosure Policy Plugin™ for WordPress™

For all your blogging legal issues. It can help with: Declaring a financial relationship; Copyright statement; Commercial email statements; Legal disclaimers especially for legal or medical advice; Links through to related content on your website; Related content on a 3rd party website;Advertising.
These are issues we should not avoid.

25. WP-Footnotes

A very easy way to add footnotes to your posts.

26. Sexy Comments

A phenomenal plugin for comments, it will add and format in a very sexy way indeed.

27. WP Unformatted

The WP Unformatted plugin allows you to remove WordPress’s smart quotes (texturize) and auto XHTML tags (autop) functionality on a per-post basis.

28. TextControl

Take complete control of text formatting options on your blog: Formatting and encoding per post, globally on posts, and globally on comments.

29. WP-Advanced-Stats-Viewer

An Advanced Stats Tracking Plugin.

30. WP e-Commerce

The WordPress e-Commerce plugin is an industrial strength elegant easy to use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online.

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