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Weekly News for Designers № 427

This week’s Designer News (N.427) includes CSS Techniques and Effects for Knockout Text, Lesser known CSS Quirks & Advanced Tips, Using a Midi Controller for CSS (seriously), Preventing Common WordPress Theme Mistakes, Responsive Components, 25 Fun Things You Can Say to Annoy Your Fellow Designers and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 425

This week’s Designer News (N.425) includes Epic CSS-Only Spinners, Free Adventure Icons, A Pair of Free Bootstrap 4 Templates, Everything You Need to Know About CSS Variables, Scan Your Site for Unused CSS, a Sketch Isometric Plugin, Direction Reveal and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 424

This week’s Designer News (N.424) includes basicScroll, a Responsive and Accessible JS Popup Replacement, a Love Letter to Digital Designers, a Free Silhouette Font, Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail, Direction Aware Hover Effects, 3D iMacs, Everything Easy is Hard Again and more.