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Weekly News for Designers № 405

This week’s Designer News (N.405) includes a Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet, Khroma AI Color Tool, a Brand Identity Design Checklist, Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind, Transition Effects with CSS Masks, Designing Websites for iPhone X, Firefox Quantum and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 404

This week’s Designer News (N.404) includes CSS Triggers, Free Billing and Invoicing, A Free Minimal Bootstrap Template, Sublime Text 3.0, The Ultimate Guide to Flexbox, a Guide to CSS Support in Email, 12 Cool Things You Can Do with GitHub, Nachos, Why iOS 11 Sucks, Perspectives on The WordPress Gutenberg Editor and more.

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Weekly News for Designers № 403

This week’s Designer News (N.403) includes a Sass Toolkit for Creating CSS Frameworks, Visual Inspector for Chrome, A Tool That Turns Code into PNGs, AtF Spark Font, The Scoop on iPhone X (including free mockups), Vue.js vs jQuery and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 402

This week’s Designer News (N.402) includes a CSS Checkbox Library, Logo Rank, a First Look at Sketch Libraries, Things Every Programmer Should Know, Flexbox Bugs and Workarounds, a Super Quick Way to Try CSS Grid, The State of the Web, a Free Bulky Typeface and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 401

This week’s Designer News (N.401) includes a Free CSS Animation Library, a Resource for Type Pairings, a Study Web Development eBook, Free Icons, UI & UX Kits, Mirrored Atomicity, How to Create a Sketch Plugin, Medium’s New Logo Reviewed, Online Only and more.