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Weekly News for Designers № 424

This week’s Designer News (N.424) includes basicScroll, a Responsive and Accessible JS Popup Replacement, a Love Letter to Digital Designers, a Free Silhouette Font, Bringing the power of AMP to Gmail, Direction Aware Hover Effects, 3D iMacs, Everything Easy is Hard Again and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 423

This week’s Designer News (N.423) includes a Look at the HTML Dialog Element, Modern CSS Explained for Dinosaurs, a Free Material Design Email Template, Using Media Queries for Responsive Design in 2018, a CSS Grid Generation Tool, the faune Typeface, Designing Windows 95’s UI and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 422

This week’s Designer News (N.422) includes a Tool for Creating CSS Clip Paths, Why Japanese Web Design Is (Still) the Way It Is, a Free Material Dashboard React UI Kit, The UX of AI, iOS 11 UI Kit for iPhone X, What Makes A Really Good Email?, Using CSS Clip Path to Create Interactive Effects and more.


Weekly News for Designers № 420

This week’s Designer News (N.420) includes a Handy Meta Tag Generator, The Laws of UX, Free ‘Scribbler’ Website Template, HTTPS Explained with Carrier Pigeons, Turning Design Mockups Into Code with Deep Learning, How to Create a Living Style Guide and more.