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Vincent Sevilla (24 Articles)

Vincent Sevilla is a professional web designer for WebsiteSetup, and writer on Metapress. He also has an extensive background in online marketing. You can follow him on Twitter @easyvince and Google+.

10 Methods for Optimizing Your Forms for Mobile

Ask any average grownup what object they can’t leave the house without and you’ll get, along with keys and wallets, mobiles for an answer. With mobile device manufacturers sprouting one…


20 Stunning Examples of Food Photography & Tips for Effective Shooting

Food photography, while being a specialized type of still life art form, has already formed its own following. From amateurs taking pictures of what they had for lunch to award-winning…


6 Free Animated Typefaces for Adobe After Effects

In this collection, we’ve gathered the best animated typefaces for After Effects that you can download and start using in your projects now.


Chatbots vs Email Marketing: Which Is the Best for Your Business?

Establishing a good relationship with your customers is a crucial step in ensuring your business’ success. A good way to accomplish this is to show them you’re around when they…


Social Mail: How To Use Email Marketing To Build You Social Following

In modern day digital marketing, utilizing one or two communication channels won’t cut it anymore. You’ll need to make the different channels you’re in work together for you. So while…


7 Amazing Papercraft Sculpture Artists

The value of paper depends on whose hands hold it. To a first grader, it could mean a canvas to roll crayons on. To an office clerk, it could mean…


Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate in 2019

With a host of marketing channels available today, it’s easy for your website to take a backseat to all the trending platforms like Facebook marketing and paid stories. But your…


10 Tried and Tested Agile Development Tips

Most would think of programming and software development to be a solitary pursuit that has computer nerds tucked away in their rooms, hammering away at millions of lines of code,…


15 Important Things You Can Learn About Your Audience From Social Listening

Social media and social networking comprise the present revolution of online interaction, eclipsing email and other tools as people’s default means of communication. With staggering amounts of information being sent…


How to Interpret Data to Improve Your Website Design and Performance

Effective design is crucial to a website’s business goals. In the same way that attractive people tend to get more attention, a well-designed site stands a better chance of imparting…


UX Thoughts on Using Video as a Background

Using videos as background – a design trend that emerged a couple of years ago – continues to be the subject of much debate among designers. On the one hand,…


UX Tips for Mastering Your Next Web Redesign