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65 of the Best Ever MooTools Plugins & Demos

on JavaScript

This is an update on a previous article I wrote about mooTools (41 of the Best…), some mooTools plugins have been removed, some have been updated and a fair few have been added. mooTools is truly hot on the heels of jQuery!!! Can it be better?

About mooTools: “MooTools is a compact, modular, Object-Oriented JavaScript framework designed for the intermediate to advanced JavaScript developer. It allows you to write powerful, flexible, and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent API.”.
mooTools Homepage: mooTools Homepage.

Below are the Best Ever 65 mooTools Plugins and Demos:


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : SmoothScroll allows you to smoothly take a user to a specific portion of a page. By default, the browser “jerks” you up or down in the page when you click on an anchor — SmoothScroll lets you define the duration that it should take for a link to be scrolled down to.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : MultipleSelect allows you to add a custom style to html multiple select boxes. And you don’t even have to hold down the CTRL-key anymore when choosing multiple items.

Typewriter Effect

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : This is a sleek Typrewriter Effect built on MooTools.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : MooColumns is a MooTools 1.2 class that allows you to divide content into multiple columns quickly and easily.

News ticker with horizontal scrolling

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : News Ticker is very simple and quick to implement within your web projects. It is inspired by the Newsvine Live panel, a lovely and smooth effect to display content.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : MooScroll is a MooTools 1.2 class that allows you to customize how the scrollbar looks on scrollable divs.

Show/hide a nice Login Pane

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : This is a nice Login Pane that drops from the top of the page, very smoothly.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : Kroppr is an unobtrusive script that will enhance any site that wants to offer an image cropping tool for its visitors. Unlike other scripts, Kroppr is able to ROTATE, zoom and move the image in the real time without using plugins – such as flash or java. The cropping is done after the user is satisfied with the settings. This way, the load put on the server is minimised and also the visitor’s experience.

CountDown Plugin

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : There are numerous websites around the internet, RapidShare for example, that make you wait an allotted amount of time before presenting you with your download. Using MooTools, the CountDown plugin allows you to easily implement a similar system.

Twitter Emulation

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : People all over the world love Twitter because of how easy it is to use. All you need to do is type in your current status, click “Update”, and you are done. What most people probably do not know is how simple it is to emulate Twitters functionality. Using PHP, MySQL, and MooTools javascript, you can implement a Twitter-like status system in no time.

Fancy Navigation

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : Navigation menus are traditionally boring, right? Most of the time the navigation menu consists of some imagery with a corresponding mouseover image. Where’s the originality? The author has created a fancy navigation menu that highlights navigation items and creates a chain effect.

Select Box Factory v1.0

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : The factory has produced a multiple-select box, with "sifting" tool attached. Try searching for one of the items in the list, or typing a letter in there. Next to it is the exact same list rendered as a dropdown (takes about 5 seconds to make this transition).


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : This AutoCompleter script for MooTools provides the functionality for text suggestion and completion. It features different data-sources (local, JSON or XML), a variety of user interactions, custom formatting, multiple selection, animations and much more.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : By clicking the mooSocialize button, a window will appear, which lets you choose your favorite network. Having a thumbnail of each service beside the link, it is easy to see and find the one of your liking.
But that is not all – it does not redirect you to that page, but opens up the page in a hovered layer. Convenient and easy. On top of the opened layer is a small < >, which allows to close the window later on.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : SlideItMoo is a MooTools 1.2 slider for images, browser friendly and nicely degradable. All CSS styling is external. It can slide either by clicking the back – forward buttons or by mouse wheel.
It can be used to display any number of thumbnails in a photo gallery or as a banner rotator. To switch from one way to the other, you simply have to set the appropriate values when instantiating the class.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : This is an improved version of the reflection.js script rewritten for the mootools javascript framework. It allows you to add instantaneous reflection effects to your images in modern browsers, in less than 2kb.

MooTools Events Calendar

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : This is the official release of the unofficial MooTools Events Calendar. It is an embeddable web calendar that was built using the MooTools JavaScript framework. Currently, it is still under development, but may be sufficient for your needs.

Ajax Username Availability Checker

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : Why make the user submit their form if you can just use Ajax to let them know if it’s available right away? Here’s how you can implement a username available checker using MooTools 1.2.

Elegant glass style navigation bar

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : Moving your mouse over a tab in the main menu, the submenu display several links related to the "topic" of the tab. On the right of the navigation bar, clicking on Hide submenu link, the submenu disappears/appears with a nice toggle animation.

HTML Form Tips

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : This is Twitter-likechars counter example using MooTools. It is counter decreases, from the max value of available chars in the input field (20 in this example) to zero, while you type something into the input field.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : If you wish to display your flickr stats in your blog, on your page etc, you will need this nifty little widget. It is capable of retrieving your posted images, information about you on flickr, your most used tags and the user groups you are attending.

CSS vertical menu with show/hide effects

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : CSS vertical menu with show/hide effects uses mootools to show/hide the menu with a nice vertical slide-in/slide-out effect.

mooSlide 3.2

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : With mooSlide you can call several sliders on one page, just define a new class instance and tell the script which div to use, which handler to use to toggle, and you are all set. This is a complete revamp of the origianl mooSlide, with added features.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription : In a nut shell it is an image gallery, but this only scrathches the surface. Here are some of its features: autosetup graps all images inside a element ; autoresize on changes of window dimensions ; fullscreen option ; scrolling with mouse wheel ; scrolling with key input (left and right cursor) ; autoplay presentation loop ; reflections via javascript ; load images via json (with event or on startup) ; load images from a html-source with selector-filter ; creates the UI automatically ; UI skinable via CSS ; fullsize viewer option ; can run multiple instances.

AJAX mootools secure contact form

Description : This contact form uses the mootools 1.1 framework to check the form fields and give immediate feedback if the entered values are correct.
The name only allows normal chars, the email is checked with regex for a correct syntax and the message field doesn't allow to enter web addresses as many spam emails would be send off that way.

Facebook Sliders

Best mooTools PluginsDescription : A smooth sliding effect.

Photo Gallery

Photo GalleryDescription: A marvellous interactive Photo Gallery.
Demo:View Demo.

Noob Slide

Noob SlideURL:
Description: This is another image gallery slideshow, nicely done..

Simple 3D Carousel

Simple 3D CarouselDescription: A (not so) basic 3D Carousel.


SliderDescription: Horizontal or Vertical bar and slider.
Demo:View Demo.

Click to change the background

BG ChangeDescription: Dynamic color selector- colors swatch animate to pick and change the background.


PamooramaDescription: It show only part of your fullsize image, the image can then be scrolled by moving the mouse over it.


TipsDescription: A stylish tool tip demo.

Javascript Image Gallery

Javascript Image GalleryDescription: A simple but very useable Image gallery.

Sample Nav Bar

Sample Nav BarDescription: A stylish and easy to use nav bar.


SlidinglistDescription: A tree-like sliding navigation system.


MultiboxDescription: A lightbox that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html.

Image Menu

Image MenuDescription: A horizontal menu, reveals more of the image as you rollover it.

Window Growl

Window GrowlDescription: Tooltips with a difference.


WidgetDescription: Simpliar and easier than SqueezeBox. Click on an image and the image will enlarge. Simple, the way I like it.


Arcs from Digg LabsDescription: A stylish and smooth accordian style navigation.


SlideshowDescription: This is by far and away the Photo Gallery with the most features. Very well done.

mooSlide ( lightbox replacement)

mooSlideDescription: The mooSlideBox v3 is a small and slim ajax based extension or replacement of the common “lightbox”. I really love this.

Page Loader

Page LoaderDescription: You can load a div from one page into a div on this page.

Grow a Textarea

Grow a TextareaDescription: Just make a form, and this script will add the ability to resize each textarea.

JavaScript Time Picker

JavaScript Time PickerDescription: The first ever Time Picker that utilize a very easy drag and drop interface.

Sexy sliding JavaScript side bar menu

Sexy sliding JavaScript side bar menuDescription: Smooth and yes, SEXY sidebar menu.


SlideshowDescription: A smooth transition between images.

Ajax login form (

Ajax login formDescription: An easy to use login form.


FancyUploadDescription: Swf meets Ajax for beautiful uploads.


ValidateDescription: A simple form validation.


SortableTableDescription: Sort and filter tables.

MooTabs – Tiny tab class for MooTools

MooTabsDescription: MooTabs is tiny(3kb), as the name suggests, it’s main purpose is to help out with the creation of simple tab navigation.

Sortable List Example

Sortable List ExampleDescription: A drag and Drop sortable list. Could be handy.


CalendarDescription: Calendar is a Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements.

Rounded Corners

Rounded CornersDescription: This creates rounded corners on divs.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription: Mediabox lets you open flash, video, and html content in a floating “lightbox” style window.


Description: Performs different tests on forms and indicates errors.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription: A color picker, built on the mooTools Framework.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription: An inline image popup, overlays and fades out the current page.

SmoothGallery 2.0

Best mooTools PluginsDescription: This javascript gallery and slideshow system allows you to have simple and smooth (cross-fading…) image galleries, slideshows, showcases and other cool stuff on your website.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription: A background image pops up, adding some livelyness to an otherwise dull menu.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription: The purpose of this script is to provide a unique and elegant way to visualize data using Javascript and the canvas object. This type of visualization can be used to display connections between many different objects, be them people, places, things, or otherwise.


Best mooTools PluginsDescription: This is a collection of demos which explains how moo.rd works and how to work with moo.rd.
Here you can play with the constructors of the latest version to test them out and see every sourcecodes. It’s good for tests and comparisons. On the left you can find a list containing all the demos, subdivided by section. All demos have free sourcecodes that you can copy and study.

Mootools Mocha UI

Best mooTools PluginsDescription: Mocha is a web applications user interface library built on the Mootools javascript framework. The Mocha GUI components are made with canvas tag graphics.

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