The 10 Best Titles Templates for Adobe After Effects


We’re all competing for one asset that’s in short supply: an audience’s attention! If you publish your videos online, there are many choices for what to watch. If you don’t start your video with excitement, they might click away on the next video listed in the sidebar.

The solution is to get the viewer’s attention quickly. When you use an Adobe After Effects title pack, you’re sure to make a splash in your opener.

But don’t think that you have to create everything on your own. The best Adobe After Effects title template options provide pre-built designs to make a title that starts your video strong.

This article will show you ten of the best title packs for Adobe After Effects. Each of these templates has a different approach to set the tone for your next video. Let’s look at 10 of the best Adobe After Effects title packs that you can use for an intro.

If you’re looking for more title templates for After Effects, take a look at our new collection here.

The Dark Side Titles

It’s important to match your After Effects title to the overall mood of the video. If you’re introducing a dramatic or serious video, this After Effects title pack might be the perfect one for you.

The stock option includes stunning aurora borealis footage that runs no risk of being forgotten. With the help of this template, you can update the text and design a title that signals that your video is meant to make an impact.

Titles Collection

What’s better than an After Effects title template? Well, try out title packs that include multiple animations in one package. That’s precisely what this asset offers. Flexibility means that one download gives you several animations to produce a title that complements your video.

It doesn’t take any expertise in Adobe After Effects to start using these titles. When you don’t have footage of your own, this option can help bridge the gap thanks to its use of simple overlays on photos.

15 Clean and Minimal Titles!

The enthusiasm of this title pack says it all. It’s another introductory option that helps your video stand out from the crowd. Many of the intro animations focus on animating a logo, so when brand matters, this might be the perfect template for you.

The pre-built layers include logo placeholders that you can replace with only a few clicks. This title is one of the easiest to customize and can be placed on stock footage or photos to export a memorable intro.

Broadcast Titles Pack

When you use After Effects templates, you can create a studio-quality broadcast on a limited budget. This After Effects title pack gives you one crucial asset you’ll need for a professional broadcast package.

Imagine using this template to design a special purpose broadcast on your YouTube channel. While previewing this template, it’s easy to picture using this titles pack as a way to introduce a live broadcast with teaser footage and a branded title animation.

Text Titles V4

It’s always amazing how impactful a typographic video can be. This After Effects title template proves the point that text is more than enough for an engaging intro.

As always, the strength of this title pack template is that it’s easy to adapt. That means that it’s easy to render the intro you have in mind by simply typing over the placeholders. You’ll need no extra plugins to produce an animated text title.

Minimal Titles

Minimalism is the art of using fewer elements. This After Effects title pack captures that spirit thanks to its simplicity. Each of the effects in this title pack are similar, but it includes many options to design minimal titles.

Use the simple shapes and pre-rendered animations for a simple and focused title. The preview shows the smooth and sleek transitions that help to bring focus to your video in the first 15 seconds.

Minimal Intro Titles Pack lV

The best After Effects titles work seamlessly with your existing footage. Maybe you have a great shot or a series of stock photos that create a great start for your video. You could even chain together several of these title animations to build a standalone teaser video.

Start with an Adobe Effects title template like this one, and you can animate a title with next to no work.

Wedding Titles

Maybe you’re a wedding photographer who wants to give clients a bit of extra value. That often comes in the form of a slideshow or montage of images packaged as a video. Update a template like this with the name of your clients plus the date.

This wedding-themed After Effects title template sets the stage for a video that celebrates your clients’ big day. It includes the text and graphics that fit the occasion perfectly.

Epic Fire Titles

There is really a title pack for every occasion. This template proves it with its hellacious, fiery animations that fit the mood of a dramatic video. Even though the template looks like a pre-rendered fire animation, it’s easy to customize it with the text of your choice.

Just open the template, add your text specifics, and set fire to the intro! You’ll see the fiery animations update to follow the shape of your text.

16 Minimal Titles

This is another minimalist option for those who love to embrace the “less is more” mentality. This After Effects titles template gives you 16 unique options to choose from for a title that starts your video on a high note.

The variety of animations in this package is truly impressive, as each template brings a totally different style to the table to animate a title.

Start Using Adobe After Effects Title Templates Today!

Using a title is practically a must. You have to start the video on a strong note so that you stand out and grab your viewer’s attention. But, you don’t always have time to build one totally on your own.

That’s the benefit of Adobe After Effects title templates, as you have seen in this article.

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