The Free Bitcoin Icon Set (100 Icons, SVG & JPG)

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The virtual currency Bitcoin has in the last few years truly taken the web by storm. It could just be the currency of the future. Although, and even after reading everything I can about it, I still have no clear idea of what it is, nor how it really works. Anyway, and putting our lack of Bitcoin knowledge aside, we have a cracking freebie for all you guys that do understand it.

Designed by the guys over at Freepik, we have a huge Bitcoin icon set for you. The pack contains 100 icons in many varied styles, comes in SVG and JPG formats, and can be freely used in both your personal or commercial projects.

Here they are:

The Bitcoin Icon Set Preview

Free Bitcoin Icon Set svg jpg formats Preview

Download & License

Download this Freebie!

You are free to use the Bitcoin Icon Set in both your commercial and personal projects.

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  • Thanks for these. I’ve noticed BitCoin making more and more of an appearance so BitCoin features are increasingly in demand by my design clients. I recommend EVERYONE get these icons.

  • ianegner

    Awesome, now there’s nothing stopping me build a killer bitcoin app!

  • Thanks for these, nice work!

  • Azur_BlackHole

    Exelent Work

  • Very well done – thanks for posting!

    One question: the license seems vague. Any chance of releasing under Creative Commons attribution or similar?

  • Excellent! Now all we need is an image media outlets can use to represent Bitcoin instead of physical coins. Thoughts? If you have any ideas or design skills, please chime in and help out:

  • StefanyB

    Beautiful icons. I’ve not received the download link.