Reasons to Be Thankful: Bright Spots for Web Designers


When the world seemingly changed overnight due to COVID-19, it was surreal. Maybe your surroundings looked exactly the same. Your to-do list contained the same projects. Even if things were completely different beneath the surface, it wasn’t easily recognizable.

Now that we’ve all had some time to process quarantines and widespread sickness, it’s starting to hit home. That is, if we and our loved ones are fortunate enough not to have fallen ill.

Personally, I’ve felt a wide range of emotions throughout this period of time. There’s worry and fear regarding the unknown. Gratitude for health and family – not to mention all of those people who are doing their part to save lives and help keep the world moving. Still, as uncertain as things are, it’s easy to feel a sense of despair.

While that’s understandable, it doesn’t have to be a 24/7 feeling. There are indeed some bright spots for those of us in the industry, if you know where to look. With that, here are some things we take solace in.

Web Designers Are Essential

During a time when the need for accurate information is vital, web designers are playing a key role. We’re helping our clients reach their audience and keeping the world informed.

For the past couple of decades, the web has been replacing or serving as an addendum to the physical world. In a way, that has prepared us to pitch in during a crisis such as this.

That prep time has allowed us to have at least some infrastructure in place to adapt to the rapidly-changing needs of clients. The websites we manage can disseminate information, tie in with third-party services like social media networks and take online transactions. Each of these areas are proving to be crucial during a global pandemic.

This (hopefully) means that there’s no need to start from scratch. In many cases, it’s a matter of augmenting the systems we already have.

The ability to turn on a dime when it’s needed the most is something to be proud of. And each of us has our own role to play.

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Opportunity Is Still Out There

Businesses all over the world have been impacted by closings, modified hours and loss of revenue. Many have shifted strategies to try and stay afloat during the public health crisis. It’s a difficult situation and one that is likely to last into the foreseeable future.

Out of this uncertainty also comes opportunity. Web designers are in a position to help clients adapt to new ways of doing business. Those who have traditionally run their organization via offline methods will need help going online. Others will likely need to expand current online operations.

In addition, the unique circumstances may result in a new wave of startups. Companies will look to solve new problems that have surfaced and they’ll need an effective website as part of their efforts.

This isn’t to say that the sky is the limit. But if you have the right skillset, or are willing to learn, you could find yourself with a number of projects to tackle.

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We Work in a Unique Industry

The web design industry itself is, as always, a bright spot. This is a community, not an everyone-for-themselves affair. That’s something to be very proud of.

Web professionals are continuing to share knowledge and advice. However, that has expanded beyond the typical programming and design tutorials. Some are sharing tips for getting through the pandemic and how to help clients navigate uncharted waters.

There is also a highly-personal element that seems to be missing from a lot of industries. Perhaps that’s because there are so many small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and self-taught individuals involved.

This lends itself well to a lot of situations, but especially a crisis. People are letting us into their homes (virtually, of course) and discussing their experiences. That is highly relatable – regardless of your age, gender or nationality.

The human element is part of what makes this a special community. It’s something we can all lean on, even when there’s chaos all around us.

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Staying Positive in Difficult Times

Despite a challenging environment, those of us in the web design industry have plenty of reasons to be thankful. Maybe things aren’t the same, but there’s still an opportunity to thrive and be of service to others. That’s something not a lot of people can say right now.

Yes, there’s a heavy weight on everyone’s shoulders. But you don’t have to look far to find some positives.

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