A Selection of Festive Websites to Get You in the Mood for Christmas


We are going to start with the oldest example in our collection – Greestmas Greeting. Originally launched in 2011, it is a true pioneer. However, it is not a traditional greeting card. Its aim is much nobler. It was created to raise awareness of deforestation. Even now this site is relevant. So spread the word and give Christmas trees a chance to live forever.

Greestmas Greeting

There is one more example from the past that even now looks up-to-date – Christmas by Lancaster University. This is just a one-pager that allows you to create a page, decorate it with festive decorations and add some seasonal greetings. Simple, yet brilliant!

Christmas by Lancaster University

Cregital, a Nigeria-based digital design, and development agency have a special project called Acts of Random Kindness where the team shares their acts of kindness. The page has beautiful festive scenery in the head section that helps to establish the proper festive mood.

Acts of Random Kindness

Christmas HQ and Nature’s Pride Retail Xmas Special are two projects that were created specifically for this merry holiday. The first one positions itself as headquarters for everything you may need for the best Christmas ever, including recipes, poems, cocktails, games, etc. The second one inspires retailers and wholesalers by sharing various Christmas recipes.

Christmas HQ

Nature's Pride Retail Xmas Special

Festive Greetings

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is a digital Christmas card with 3D scenes, numerous tiny seasonal details, lively characters, and playful mood. It has been built with lots of cool tools, so prepare to be amazed. The idea is brilliant, and the realization is ingenious.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas by Astral and Warm Christmas

These two projects take a special place in our collection and heart. Both of them stand out from the crowd with their original ideas and brilliant realization.

Merry Christmas by Astral is an absolute delight for those who adore solutions built with the help of ultra-modern high-end libraries. This beautiful 3D greeting has been built with WebGL, Three.js, Hammer.js, Velocity.js, and Realtime 3D computer graphics. The project includes greetings from all the team members presented in a digital 3D version. Mind-blowing.

Warm Christmas is a unique project by LatinMedios. Santa is so hot that he dances in his underpants not only cheering everyone up and creating a joyful mood but also bringing some extra surprises.

Merry Christmas by Astral

Warm Christmas

Storytelling Experiences

Polish Christmas Guide

As the title states, the project aims to tell people around the world about the traditions inherent to Christmas in Poland. It is a fully interactive guide that includes lots of beautiful wintery scenes and festive characters. Santa will guide you through the entire website.

Polish Christmas Guide

The Best Christmas Toys

This is a digital overview of the toys that were popular in the past and served as the best Christmas gift of their time. The beauty of the project lies in a clever combination of illustrations, tiny interactions, eye-pleasing effects and of course skillfully dished up statistics and numbers.

The Best Christmas Toys

How GDPR Stole Christmas

This is the funny one. The team at Cyber-Duck speculates about the effects of GDPR. Taking Santa’s routine as a base, they manage to cover all of the main points of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Each one is brought to the audience as a small Christmas episode.

How GDPR Stole Christmas

Game Experiences

Merry Pixmas

Merry Pixmas is a 3D playground where you can create your own Christmas hero. You can choose a head, body, legs, and color. Thanks to 360-degree overview you can explore the character from various perspectives.

Merry Pixmas

Santa Tracker by Google

Created a couple of years ago, Santa Tracker is a place to track Santa on Christmas Eve. The platform also includes lots of helpful and entertaining stuff: visitors can play games and learn something new from the available small activities.

Santa Tracker by Google


At Christmas, some love classic, simple greetings that do not take up much time but still leave a pleasant impression. Others, on the other hand, adore diving into immersive experiences. Each one has its pros and cons, and each one has its fans club. Either way, Merry Christmas everyone!

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