15+ Best Free Calligraphy Fonts for Creatives


Drawing inspiration from timeless handwriting styles, calligraphy fonts are perfect for adding a personal and elegant touch to your design projects. They are known for their beautiful and flowing letters, and can transform your typography into works of art.

Whether used for personal logo and branding design, sophisticated invitations, or even carefully used in web design, calligraphy fonts offer a level of versatility and sophistication that is hard to match with other font types.

For designers, the appeal of calligraphy fonts lies not only in their aesthetic value but also in their ability to convey emotion and character through typography. This makes them an excellent choice for design projects that need a handcrafted touch.

Plus, this collection of free calligraphy fonts allows you to experiment with various writing styles without worrying about budget constraints.

The Top Free Calligraphy Fonts for Creatives

Everything Calligraphy

The Everything Calligraphy font features a varying baseline, giving your typography a bouncy and playful feel. It is an excellent choice for wedding invitations.

free font calligraphy typography script Everything

Hello Stockholm Typeface (Free)

Hello Stockholm is a modern brush script font inspired by minimalism. You can use it for wedding invitations, street ads, Instagram posts, t-shirt design, branding, and more. This font includes uppercase and lowercase alternates and a bonus sans-serif with multilingual support.

free font calligraphy typography script Hello Stockholm Typeface

Naira Script (Free)

Naira Script is a free calligraphy font with bold strokes and many alternate characters and ligatures so you can truly add character to your designs. This font would be perfect for artists’ branding or to make your social media posts stand out.

free font calligraphy typography script Naira Script

Fabfelt Script Free Font (Free)

Try the Fabfelt Script font if you are looking for a slightly vintage look. This font features lovely characters and was designed by Despinoy Fabien. It can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

free font calligraphy typography script Fabfelt Script

Mustahe Brush Script

This font is another excellent choice if you’re looking for versatility. The Mustahe Brush Script font comes with three font styles: script, rounded, and smooth. You can mix and match those styles to achieve a unique yet harmonious look for your designs.

free font calligraphy typography script Mustahe Brush

Playlist Font (Free)

Consider the Playlist font if you want a little variety in your designs. It comes in three font styles: script, ornament, and caps, which you can mix and match to create a unique design.

free font calligraphy typography script Playlist

Frutilla Script (Free)

The Frutilla script font has an elegant and classic look. It includes more than 250 glyphs and ornamental characters, making it highly versatile. This font is free for personal and commercial use.

free font calligraphy typography script Frutilla Script

Arabella Script Font (Free)

Arabella Script is a playful and romantic font that can be used in your personal projects. The font is an excellent choice for logo design, as well as invitations and t-shirt designs.

free font calligraphy typography script Arabella Script

Carosello Font (Free)

Try Carosello if you’re looking for a marker-style font. Thanks to its retro appearance, this font is perfect for vintage projects and can be used for free in any personal project.

free font calligraphy typography script Carosello

Aprillia Script (Free)

The Aprillia script is a modern and bold font perfect for social media posts, logos, and t-shirt designs. The font is free for personal use.

free font calligraphy typography script Aprillia Script

Olivia Script Font (Free)

If you’re looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, Olivia Script is a perfect choice. It has an impressive 351 glyphs and can be used in commercial and personal projects.

free font calligraphy typography script Olivia Script

Noelan Font (Free)

The Noelan font includes elegant swashes that automatically connect at the end or beginning of a word. It is free for commercial and personal projects and includes many alternates and international characters.

free font calligraphy typography script Noelan

Alex Brush Font (Free)

What makes the Alex Brush font unique is its short descenders, making this font more legible than other similar script fonts. The font is free for commercial and personal projects.

free font calligraphy typography script Alex Brush

Salmela Calligraphy Font (Free)

Salmela is a beautiful brush font with a modern and bold look. The font would be perfect for lettering projects, wall art, and posters. It’s free for commercial and personal projects.

free font calligraphy typography script Salmela Calligraphy

Allura Font (Free)

One look at Allura, and you’ll realize this font is perfect for wedding invitations and stationery. It features an elegant and classy look and can be used for commercial and personal projects.

free font calligraphy typography script Allura

Autery Script Font (Free)

The Autery script has a playful look and would be an excellent choice for branding projects with products or brands geared toward younger audiences. The font is free for commercial and personal projects.

free font calligraphy typography script Autery Script

Easy November Font (Free)

The Easy November font is an excellent choice for branding projects and promotional campaigns. The font includes elegant stylistic swashes and can be used for personal projects.

free font calligraphy typography script Easy November

What are Calligraphy Fonts?

Calligraphy fonts are typefaces that emulate traditional calligraphy’s elegant and decorative handwriting styles. They are known for their flowing and intricate letterforms, often resembling the artistry of hand-lettered script. Here are some of the key characteristics of calligraphy fonts:

  1. Art of Beautiful Writing: Calligraphy fonts are inspired by the art of creating beautiful and ornate writing using pens, brushes, or quills. They capture the feel of traditional calligraphic techniques.
  2. Varied Styles: Calligraphy fonts come in various styles, from classic and formal scripts to more modern and casual designs. Each style offers a different mood and can be used in various design contexts.
  3. Elegance and Sophistication: Calligraphy fonts are often associated with elegance, refinement, and a sense of timelessness. They’re used to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to designs.
  4. Intricate Details: The elaborate flourishes and decorative elements in calligraphy fonts make them visually captivating and suitable for designs that demand a high level of detail.
  5. Versatile Use: Calligraphy fonts can be used for various design projects, including formal invitations, branding and logos, certificates, announcements, and more.
  6. Personal Touch: Calligraphy fonts add a personal and human touch to designs, mimicking the appearance of hand-crafted lettering.
  7. Legibility Consideration: While calligraphy fonts are beautiful and artistic, some elaborate styles might sacrifice legibility, especially at smaller sizes.
  8. Customization: Many calligraphy fonts offer alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes, allowing you to create unique variations and compositions.
  9. Formal & Informal Feel: Calligraphy fonts can convey formal and informal moods depending on the style. They can be used for luxurious wedding invitations as well as casual event promotions.
  10. Combining with Other Fonts: Pairing calligraphy fonts with other font styles, such as sans-serif or serif fonts, creates a nice contrast and balance in a design.

Calligraphy Font FAQ

  • Are These Free Calligraphy Fonts of Good Quality?
    The free calligraphy fonts above are all of the highest quality, and created by professional designers.
  • Can Calligraphy Fonts Be Used in Professional Projects?
    They can add a distinguished look to business cards, branding materials, and promotional content, making them suitable for various professional applications.
  • How Do I Choose the Right Calligraphy Font for My Design?
    Consider the overall feel you want to achieve. If your project is formal, go for more traditional styles. For something more casual or modern, explore contemporary calligraphy fonts.
  • Are Calligraphy Fonts Easy to Read?
    While stunning, some calligraphy fonts might be challenging to read, especially in smaller sizes or long texts. They work best in short phrases or as statement pieces.
  • Can I Pair Calligraphy Fonts with Other Font Types?
    Yes, pairing a calligraphy font with a simpler font, like a sans-serif, can create a lovely contrast and help maintain readability in your design.
  • Are Calligraphy Fonts Suitable for Digital Media?
    They can be used in digital media like websites and social media graphics. However, ensure they’re legible on screens and not too intricate for small digital displays.
  • Can I Customize Calligraphy Fonts?
    While some customization, like size and color, is possible, modifying the font design itself typically requires permission from the font creator, especially if the font is free.
  • Do Calligraphy Fonts Work Well for Long Texts?
    Generally, calligraphy fonts are better suited for short texts like headings, titles, or special quotes. Their decorative nature might make longer text hard to read.
  • Are There Different Cultural Styles in Calligraphy Fonts?
    Calligraphy has diverse cultural roots, and you can find fonts inspired by various calligraphic traditions, from Western to Eastern styles, each offering a distinct feel.


With their detailed strokes and refined appearance, calligraphy fonts excel at conveying feelings and adding a personal touch of elegance. They can enhance the style and personality of your design projects and are adaptable for use in various projects. From branding and logo design and t-shirt designs to letterheads, stationery, and wedding invitations, calligraphy fonts offer a versatile solution.

The variety of high-quality calligraphy fonts available for both personal and commercial use is vast. Explore our collection to find the perfect calligraphy font for your next design project.

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