10 Stunning Business Cards with Simple Geometric Designs

When it comes to geometric designs, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, simplicity. It feels like it is one of the most primitive and easiest ways to create a design.

All you need to do is to mix and match lines and shapes. However, things are not always what they seem. And artworks by Kazimir Malevich, a pioneer in abstract art, are clear proof of that.

Geometric art is a combination of varied-sized shapes, weights, and colors. Intricacy accompanies each and every artwork. Yes, at some point, they are simple – but also complex. And this unique combination is intriguing. It appeals to us, lures us in, and sparks our interest.

Today, we share a collection of stunning business cards that put geometry at the center of their design.

Granatalm — Heart on the Mountain

This example was created by a skilled Austria-based design team for a hotel. It looks incredible. They’ve used squares, rhombuses, and zigzags to weave this plaid-like pattern. The design of these business cards and other elements of the brand identity feel hospitable, inviting, and modern.

Granatalm — Heart on the mountain

Shine Bright! Business Card

This is another excellent example. You can easily distinguish two types of patterns. The first one is based on circles, whereas the second one is populated with spots. It naturally grabs the attention and directs it towards the tiny solid circle in the upper right corner.

Shine Bright geometric business card example inspirational

Reality Lab London Business Card

Much like the very first example in our collection, this project by Ramin Nasibov is marked by geometric patterns with a high density of details. The author has experimented with various shapes – starting with lines and ending with hexagons – thereby coming up with a fantastic range of concepts that are tied together into one idea.

Reality Lab London geometric business card example inspirational

Cultural Centre in Lublin Branding

The concept instantly catches the eye with its subtle yet intricate design. There is nothing fancy, yet still, it manages to draw our attention as well as unobtrusively establish an aura of creativity.

CULTURAL CENTRE IN LUBLIN BRANDING geometric business card example inspirational

Taiheiyo Kensha Branding Project

The combination of colors creates a slight anaglyph effect that makes things visually interesting in this business card. Simple geometric shapes such as triangles and polygons stand behind the project’s aesthetics. Without a doubt, it has marvelous authenticity and charm.

Taiheiyo Kensha Branding Project geometric business card example inspirational

Second Choice Business Card

This business card demonstrates that all you need is a primitive shape and one color to make things look interesting. From the get-go, it becomes evident that this project has something to do with fashion. The idea is brilliant. It is simple yet ingenious.

Second Choice geometric business card example inspirational

dots&dash Business Card

If you feel like a pastel or minimal color scheme is not for you, you can always try to use some bright ones, much like this business card. The coloring is vibrant, yet it does not overpower the design. Bold geometric shapes and bright colors make this artwork so unique.

dots&dash geometric business card example inspirational

Konsou Business Card

If the previous example is too much and you prefer to stick to the time-proven choices, like a traditional black-and-white scheme, you should take a look at this business card. A music platform lies at the heart of this project, so it is not surprising that the design feels energetic and dynamic – even despite such a monochromatic environment. Shapes give it energy.

Konsou geometric business card example inspirational

Unconventional Business Cards

This unconventional business card is an experiment created by Huan Nguye. He has taken the charm of the geometric world to the next level, making the business card interactive. Bearing in mind the rule that good design should be invisible and only revealed when needed, he has managed to create a masterpiece. Explore his presentation over at Behance for further information.

Unconventional Business Cards geometric business card example inspirational

A+PRACOWNIA Business Card

This example will delight you with its marvelous minimalistic approach. There is lots of fresh air, the colors are neutral, and the shapes are primitive. However, with all that, the business card, as well as the other brand identity pieces, look interesting, and they go perfectly well with the architectural theme.

A+PRACOWNIA Architect geometric business card example inspirational

Costa-Perini Letterpress Business Card

This business card example is a well-thought-out combination of simple geometric shapes – starting with straight lines and ending with curved brackets. However, it has a certain art deco quality that looks splendid thanks to the beautifully embossed details. It is an apotheosis of geometric designs.

Costa-Perini Letterpress geometric business card example inspirational geometric business card example inspirational

Defying Expectations

It may seem at first sight that designs where geometry runs the show are destined to be dull, primitive, and insipid. However, by no means do they concede to other stylistic solutions. They can be:

  • Extravagant like Shine Bright.
  • Bright and bold like dots&dash.
  • Suthentic like Granatalm.
  • Ultra-modern like Taiheiyo Kensha Branding.
  • Traditional like A+PRACOWNIA.
  • and even highly sophisticated like Costa-Perini Letterpress.

This direction is multifaceted and gives you lots of opportunities to show the world your creativity.

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