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Russian Illustrator Gives New Life to Caricature Art

on Inspiration

Caricature drawing has always been one of the arduous forms of digital art but this didn’t stop a Russian artist from putting something fresh and new on the board. Viktor Miller-Gausa, an illustrator from St. Petersburg, Russia has given a new dimension to the caricature art. Using the special brush tool in Adobe Photoshop, Viktor has digitally painted famous Hollywood characters in a form of astounding caricatures.

What makes his illustrations unique is his way of using the abstract smudge strokes. His caricature art is one the very best that we came across while searching for some true inspirations. According to Viktor, one of his friends actually pushed him to design some cartoons and work on a different digital art and so he followed his lead and created something truly worthwhile.

Apart from caricatures, Viktor’s portfolio includes complex character and abstract line art. His work is truly inspirational for all those digital artists and illustrators who want to pursue something different and something they can truly call as their own. Take a look at his amazing work and share your thoughts with us.

Digital Caricature Art from Viktor Miller-Gausa

Clint Eastwood carictaure art drawing illustration artist
Clint Eastwood

Scarlett Johansson carictaure drawing illustration artist
Scarlett Johansson

Jack Nicholson carictaure drawing illustration artist
Jack Nicholson

Iggy Pop carictaure art drawing illustration artist
Iggy Pop

Tommy Lee Jones carictaure drawing illustration artist
Tommy Lee Jones

Penélope Cruz

John Malkovich carictaure art drawing illustration artist
John Malkovich

Stephen Fry carictaure drawing illustration artist
Stephen Fry

Peter Dinklage carictaure drawing illustration artist
Peter Dinklage

Matthew McConaughey Ron Woodroof carictaure art drawing illustration artist
Matthew McConaughey / Ron Woodroof

Amy Winehouse carictaure drawing illustration artist
Amy Winehouse

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