Animals have appeared in art throughout history. Some are revered as gods in some cultures while others have been long associated with particular traits and attributes. Animals are a great symbolic tool that designers can use for inspiration.

The perception of animals in regard to business identity are no longer constrained to organizations relating to animal welfare or companies manufacturing products for animals.

Animals can be representational and symbolic in reference to a business; reflecting the organization’s vision and spirit regardless of the industry they are in.

Below you will find some great examples of animal logo design for different industry based companies and organizations alike, and inspirational to any designer trying to incorporate a bit of Mother Nature in their next logo.

Looking for some more logo design inspiration? You might like to check out these inspiring examples of logo sketching, this collection of symmetrical logo designs or even these fine examples of flat logo designs.

Pigs & Pinot Logo

Pigs & Pinot Logo animal

Tullamore Estate Logo

Tullamore Estate Logo animal

Buffalo Stampede Logo

Buffalo Stampede Logo animal

Hedgehog Lab Logo

Hedgehog Lab Logo animal

Bloodhound Logo

Bloodhound Logo animal

A Good Dog Logo

A Good Dog Logo animal

C.A.T. Logo

C.A.T. Logo animal

Wildlife Management Logo

Wildlife Management Logo animal

ZooSmart Logo

ZooSmart Logo animal

Hippo Luck Logo

Hippo Luck Logo animal

FarmChicks Logo

FarmChicks Logo animal

Raven Logo

Raven Logo animal

Anarctica Logo

Anarctica Logo

Illusion Studio Logo

Illusion Studio Logo animal

Texas Longhorns Logo

Texas Longhorns Logo animal

Pink Flamingo Farm Logo

Pink Flamingo Farm Logo animal

Animal Resucue Sofia Logo

Animal Resucue Sofia Logo animal

8 Fish Logo

8 Fish Logo animal

Sharp Shark Logo

Sharp Shark Logo animal

iPhone App Logo

iPhone App Logo animal

Twizla Logo

Twizla Logo animal

Flook Fishing Club Logo

Flook Fishing Club Logo animal

Koloroo Logo

Koloroo Logo animal

Fish Lounge Logo

Fish Lounge Logo animal

Bird Logo

Versus Logo animal

Pony Logo

Show Poni Logo animal

NSW Government Contest Logo

NSW Government Logo animal

Timonium Animal Hospital Logo

Timonium Animal Hospital Logo animal

Dog logo

Winston Capital Logo animal

Rhino Logo

Rhino Logo