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The Irony of Being Morally Wrong Illustration Series

on Inspiration

Illustrator Joanne Ju has recently created a series of illustrations that challenges all of those moral rules we were taught when we were young, like ‘wait your turn’, watch your language’ or’just be yourself’. Each illustration shows the drawbacks and flaws of each life lesson in an ironic and comical way.

The series is entitled ‘Morally Wrong‘.

The Morally Wrong Illustration Series

illustration The Irony of Take Risks
The Irony of ‘Take Risks’

illustration The Irony of Wait Your Turn
The Irony of ‘Wait Your Turn’

morally wrong poster of Put Thing Back Where You Found Them
The Irony of ‘Put Thing Back Where You Found Them’

morally wrong poster of Be Aware Of Wonder
The Irony of ‘Be Aware Of Wonder’

illustration The Irony of Watch Your Language
The Irony of ‘Watch Your Language’

morally wrong poster of Two is Better Than One
The Irony of ‘Two is Better Than One’

illustration The Irony of Share Everything
The Irony of ‘Share Everything’

morally wrong poster of Be Yourself
The Irony of ‘Be Yourself’

illustration The Irony of Don't Be a Quitter
The Irony of ‘Don’t Be a Quitter’

illustration The Irony of Follow Your Dream
The Irony of ‘Follow Your Dream’