40 Beautifully Designed Mobile Apps for UI Inspiration


Mobile designers have become more prominent in today’s extensible web. iOS and Android apps have flooded the markets and earned a lot of money for some small development studios. The smartphone era has taken off with a huge buzz, and now app designers and developers are in high demand.

The local design community Dribbble often features shots from mobile designers. These include sketches and mockups for iOS, interfaces, tab buttons, splash screens, tables, and a whole lot more. If you are familiar with XCode and building iOS apps then you’ll recognize some of these terms. But for beginning designers the whole system can seem a little convoluted.

Below I’ve collected a beautiful gallery of 40 mobile user interface designs. These are all shots submitted into Dribbble with each author’s profile link included. Many of these are designed specifically for iOS which is the powerhouse of our modern smartphone market. If you have any thoughts or links to similar UI designs, please share with us in the discussion area below.

iPhone App UI

Contact Us Page: Mobile

Compass Menu Detail

Some UI elements

Team Mate Activity Stream

Android App UI

Mobile App: Neighborhood Selection

Icelandic National Broadcasting Service

Dayzipping App

iMEData tabs for iPad

Collapsable Tab Bar

Hipster Mobile App

Facebook for iPad

Sign In

Ohai There User

Man Saver iPhone App

Eventtie app

Social App In Progress

iPhone app

Golf app

App Remix: Lose It!

Mobile iPhone iOS app UI


iPhone Tab Bar UI


On the go

Main Feed On-Screen

iPhone “Wood” Keyboard

iOS Buttons

UI for mobile app

Transaction List



Hyperlinks For iPad

Twitter and Deals

iPhone app design

iPhone app UI


iPhone Radio App


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