10 Pens That Pay Homage to Musical Legends


The biggest inspiration for artists is often the art they consume. What we see and hear has an undeniable impact on the things that we ourselves produce.

Web designers are no exception. We receive inspiration from any number of art forms, with music being right at the top of that list. A great song or favorite artist can help get us into that creative mood – not to mention brighten our day.

It’s no surprise, then, that many web professionals have gone that extra mile in making musical tributes on CodePen. Here are 10 that really rock!

The Beatles in 8-Bit Form

Everybody’s favorite lads from Liverpool are still inspiring us nearly 60 years after they first came into the public consciousness. Here, AJ Webb shows what the Fab Four would look like walking across Abbey Road as 8-bit characters.

Pure CSS Tupac

Tupac Shakur was known as one of rap’s most poetic stars. This CSS tribute shows him wearing his trademark bandana and nose ring.


Pretty much everything Rihanna touches these days turns to gold (or maybe even platinum). She is pop royalty, and the inspiration behind this audio player UI.

CSS Grid Nirvana

What would rock in the 90s have been without Nirvana? The Seattle natives brought the sound of grunge mainstream and breathed life back into rock radio. Here we have a CSS Grid/Flexbox album cover, inspired by their greatest hits collection.

Some Purple Rain for Prince

When Prince passed away in 2016, it felt like the world came together for a brief moment. His music was catchy, fun and made you want to get up from your desk to dance. Author Ed Ball built some purple rain – just for the paisley one.


Radiohead are continually pushing sonic boundaries and have been for over 20 years. They’re also known for their strange design aesthetics, like this CSS version of their logo.

Adele, Animated

Adele is one of the few modern artists who seem to appeal to fans of all ages. Her music is as lovely as it is powerful. This pen is quite a unique rendering of her “25” album cover. It’s animated in such a way that looks a bit like sand art.

The Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd has to be up at the top of the heap when it comes to most inspirational rock bands. And their “The Dark Side of the Moon” album cover has inspired plenty of folks on CodePen, including this interesting recreation.

‘Billie Jean’ in Code

The “King of Pop” was always known to be ahead of his time. When Michael Jackson released ‘Billie Jean’ to the world, no one had heard anything quite like it. Meanwhile, this pen brings a bit developer humor to the song.

The Periodic Table for Rock ‘n Roll

What’s unique about this example is that it doesn’t feature just one legend – but a whole periodic table full of them. Everyone from Elvis Presley to Jack White is represented. Finally, some science I can understand!

Bonus: Random Band Name Generator

Many people believe that, in order to become a musical legend, you must have a memorable name. Well, here’s your chance! Use this random band name generator to find the perfect name. Hey, it’s a start.

And in the End…

Truly, music is one of those must-have elements to a great day. Whether you’re hard at work or just hanging out, it can make everything that much better. So, turn on some tunes and be inspired!

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