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Political Characters Volume 2 – Free Icon Set

on Icons & UI Design

Last month we published, via Iconshock, an amazing free icon set called Political Characters, a selection humorous caricatures of famous world political figures – that was volume 1, and today we have the opportunity to share volume 2.

This time the characters included are Fidel Castro, Hamid Carzay, Hu Jintao, Jose Mujica, Muammar Al Gadhafi, Nicolas Sarkozy, Shimon Peres and Vladimir Putin.

Political Characters Volume 2 Download Packages

The Political Characters Volume 2 icon set download package contains eight icons, available in both 256px and 512px. You can also download the Illustrator (ai.) source files. The icons are free for personal or commercial use.

Download the IconsDownload the ai. Source Files

Political Characters Icon-Set Screenshot

Political Characters Volume 2 Icon-Set

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