• You have reversed the images to “Crandall Coton Gin” and “Pick st Fish Fry”. ;)

  • Captain Kickarse

    great selection.

  • I like the FISH GRILL logo, its the best i´ve ever seen for a restaurant!

  • Fish logo is looking awesome….

  • cybrdawg

    nice logos, yes, but most of these don’t even evoke ‘restaurant’ let alone make me hungry.

  • Pau Moyano


  • Excellent set of logos, some the logos I’ve seen before, to me I think its all about branding, if you brand your business with a great logo, its likely to be noticed more and remembered. My Favourite logo of all time is the Coca Cola which is recognised world wide.

  • I agree.  That’s what I was thinking that none of them made me feel hungry.

  • Vic Dinovici

    is ewali food not ewail food :) Good collection! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Yummy Logos, some are recognizable. well these are amazing designs, it will put more enthusiastic for food on people. thanks  

  • Facebook User

    many are illustration rather…