The Illustration Portfolio of Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is an English born illustrator that currently lives and works in Dublin. He works mainly in the areas of packaging, advertising and illustrating children’s books.
His impressive body of work has a unique nostalgic/retro style mixed in with vintage color schemes throughout and has garnered over 30 prestigious international awards over the years.

Sit back and admire this selection from his portfolio:

Steve Simpson’s Illustration Portfolio

All the Signs of Revolution

All the Signs of Revolution illustration portfolio steve simpson

Anatomical Study – Day of the Dead Style

Day of the Dead Style steve simpson illustration portfolio

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da – The Illustrated Beatles

The Illustrated Beatles  illustration portfolio steve simpson

The Illustrated Beatles steve simpson illustration portfolio

The Illustrated Beatles  illustration portfolio steve simpson

'Extinction' – Cows are Really Meaty

Cows are Really Meaty steve simpson illustration portfolio

Cows are Really Meaty  illustration portfolio steve simpson

Power Girl – The Extraordinaires

Power Girl The Extraordinaires steve simpson illustration portfolio

Power Girl The Extraordinaires  illustration portfolio steve simpson

Evil Genius – The Extraordinaires

Evil Genius steve simpson illustration portfolio

Evil Genius  illustration portfolio steve simpson

It's All GEEK To Me… for Professional Manager Magazine

GEEK To Me steve simpson illustration portfolio

GEEK To Me  illustration portfolio steve simpson

Becoming a Successful Illustrator Book Jacket

Becoming a Successful Illustrator Book Jacket steve simpson illustration portfolio

Rap Genius for Wired Magazine

Rap Genius for Wired Magazine  illustration portfolio steve simpson

Let Your Dreams Fly

Let Your Dreams Fly steve simpson illustration portfolio

Caffeine Junkie – Coffee Cup Design

Coffee Cup Design  illustration portfolio steve simpson

I is for Inca – Alphabet Project

Alphabet Project steve simpson illustration portfolio

Alphabet Project  illustration portfolio steve simpson

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades steve simpson illustration portfolio

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  • Amazing… Extremely talented.

  • I looked up @PWR_GRL on Twitter. Not even remotely the same. Steve Simpson is awesome and has found and mastered such a cool style. I’ve admired his work ever since I first came across it.