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25 Beautiful Color Spectrum Desktop Wallpapers

It’s a well-known fact colors can influence our mood. They can make us happy, sad, calm, angry, and yes, even hungry. Colors are everywhere around us and if you are…


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20+ Stunning Colorful Abstract Desktop Wallpapers

Abstract art is, at its core, a visual representation of something that most of us will neither see nor understand. Sad to say, unless you’re an art critic, the meaning…


10 Album Covers for Eye-grabbing Color Scheme Inspiration

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What Your eCommerce Store Colors Says About You

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50 Inspiring Web Sites With Washed-Out Color Schemes

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Using Color Psychology for Better Website Results

Perception is everything. Part of that is influenced by behavior, plus our emotion. Significant studies have shown that color effects not just what we see. It is how we feel…


How Color Combination Makes a Better Impact in Logo Design

It’s undeniable. Branding is the lifeblood of any business. Even for small businesses, you’ve got to build brand identity, or be ready for your company to go belly up. A…


50 Inspiring Examples of Using Black in Web Design

A common misconception is that black is thought of as a color in the same way that red, blue, purple or even green are. In fact, black is the complete…


40 Creative Examples of Dark Color Schemes in Web Design