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Conversion Rate


Strategies to Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate in 2019

With a host of marketing channels available today, it’s easy for your website to take a backseat to all the trending platforms like Facebook marketing and paid stories. But your…


How User-Centered Design Skyrockets Conversion Rate

“Keep it simple, kid.” This quick phrase could’ve saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, but like so many beginners before me, I didn’t listen. There are countless…


12 Best Free Style & Fashion Flyer Templates

These stunning free fashion flyer templates (PSD, AI & EPS) will work well to attract attention for your business, brand, or style event.


How to Use Dwell Time to Unlock Better Conversion Rates

Over the past few years, landing page design has become an industry in its own right, complete with an abundance of tools, courses, templates, and “hacks” for getting it right….


The Difference Between User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization

When designing websites – two crucial things to understand are how to make the website easy to navigate, and the other is helping guide users to the main action you…


How Flat Design Increases Conversion Rates

There are many arguments for and against flat design, so in this article I wanted to take a quick look at how flat design can actually affect your bottom line….


Why Best Practices in Conversion Rate Optimization Aren’t Always Best