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10 Free WordPress Plugins for Adding and Extending Google Maps

We have 10 easy to use free plugins that will allow you to both add and extend Google Maps functionality on your WordPress website.


25 High-Quality Free World Map Templates

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12 Free Smoke Brush Packs for Adobe Photoshop

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Add Real-Time Geocoding to Your Project with positionstack

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MapSVG Brings Incredibly Powerful and Flexible Maps to WordPress

Maps play an integral part in creating a great user experience. Whether they are used to show multiple retail locations, detail a specific attraction or visualize statistics, they help users…


40 Creatively World Map Recreations

These maps have been designed using only the creative imagination of the designer allowing you a brief glimpse into how they each view the World


How to Add Interactive Maps to WordPress with MapSVG

Looking for an incredibly useful tool to add to your WordPress website? Interactive maps are a great asset for sharing information in a graphical way. MapSVG is a WordPress plugin…


How to Create an Interactive US Map Using jQuery & FusionCharts

jQuery is no doubt one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. According to Libscore, around 70% of the top one million websites use jQuery. So there is a good chance…


The Google Maps Santa Tracker